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September 13th, 2008

Affordable Custom FL Dies from Hornady

How would you like a full-length sizing die perfectly fitted to your fired brass? At one time that required you to purchase a die blank, a special undersized reamer (a chamber reamer is too big), and send the work out to a skilled gunsmith. You could expect to have $250-$350 tied up in your custom die when all was said and done.

Now Hornady’s custom shop offers a much less expensive alternative. For $100-$120, plus shipping, Hornady will produce a custom-made die based on your reamer print, spec sheet or fired brass. (FL dies for cases up to 2.55″ COAL are $101.00; larger dies are $120.00) That’s the price for one (1) full-length sizing die. You can either order a conventional non-bushing FL die, or a FL die that uses bushings to size the case-necks. (Standard non-micrometer seaters are also available for another $20.00-$25.00.) To order, we recommend you send 3 or 4 fired cases along with a reamer print to Lonnie Hummel at Hornady Mfg., Box 1848, Grand Island, NE, 68802. Give Lonnie a call first at (800) 338-3220, ext. 208, to discuss design details and get an estimated delivery date.

Hornady Custom Dies

Lonnie and his team of skilled machinists have produced custom dies for many top shooters. Scott Parker had Hornady produce a custom full-length die for Scott’s 6BRX. Scott reports: “The die is great. I’m very impressed. The die is a perfect fit for my brass and the sized brass has very low run-out.”

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September 13th, 2008

NBRSA 100/200 Nationals Set for October 6-11 in Phoenix

The NBRSA 100-yard and 200-yard Nationals will be held Oct. 6-11 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Match organizer Gary Ocock states that there are plenty of entry spots left for the match and registrations are still welcome. Four classes will be contested at the NBRSA Nationals: Light Varmint (LV), Heavy Varmint (HV), Sporter, and Unlimited (Rail guns). 4-Gun Fee is $220, 3-gun Fee is $160. Pre-Registration is required. NBRSA requires a $40 late registration fee after September 6, 2008. Match Directors anticipate three (3) relays. Shooters requesting the same bench rotation, sharing equipment must request this in writing. Camping at the range is $10/day. Click the links below to view/download registration forms in MS Word and Acrobat (.pdf) format.

| NBRSA Nat’ls Registration Form (Word Doc)
| NBRSA Nat’ls Registration Form (.pdf)

Write checks payable to AZ Benchrest. Mail checks and registration forms to Arizona Benchrest Shooters, 15231 West Gelding Drive, Surprise, AZ 85379. If you plan to attend but won’t be able to mail in your registration in time, email Gary Ocock at onehole149 [at] For NBRSA membership information and application form, visit

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