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September 29th, 2008

USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals Oct. 3-5 in Louisiana

The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) hosts its 2008 Multi-Gun Nationals Oct. 3-5 at the Clark Range, in Princeton, Louisiana. This USPSA event requires shooters to engage multiple targets, on the clock, with pistol, rifle, and shotgun. The USPSA Nationals will draw ace action shooters from around the country. Shown below is Chris Tilley, competing at the 2007 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals. The video shows how smoothly Chris transitions from gun to gun and how well he engages targets while on the move. If you’ve ever tried that, you know how difficult it is to aim (and hit) while running sideways. That’s why Chris, the 2006 USPSA National Open-Class Champion, is one of America’s “top guns”.

YouTube Preview Image

Though there are multiple classes for rifles, pistols, and shotguns (based on equipment), most competitors will be using semi-automatic firearms. The rifles will typically be AR15-style carbines with red dot sights. Most shooters use .223-caliber carbines but there is also a “Heavy Metal” division for .308 or larger caliber rifles. Open-class pistols will be 1911-based race guns with red dot or holographic sights, compensators, and high-capacity magazines carrying 20 rounds or more.

Speed, accuracy, and firepower all count in this game. Stages require anywhere from 6 to 30+ shots. The scoring system measures points scored per second, then weights the score to compensate for the number of shots fired. If they miss a target, or shoot inaccurately, points are deducted, lowering that all-important points-per-second score. Scoring is based on hits and time, plus the “Power Factor” is calculated into the equations. It can get pretty complicated, so USPSA Multi-Gun matches are scored with computer software called EZWinScore. To learn more about Multi-Gun competition, visit or you can download the Multi-Gun Rulebook.

STAGES: CLICK HERE for Stage Diagrams showing target sequence/placement.

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September 29th, 2008

Area 52 Offers Multi-Distance Matches with Electronic Targets

Sophisticated electronic scoring systems (with acoustic targets) are used in Olympic and ISSF competition. Many such advanced systems have been installed at shooting ranges in Europe. The U.S. Army has also installed electronic targets at Ft. Benning, Georgia, but that range is restricted to military use except for a few special matches. Right now there’s just one facility with a full electronic target system that offers regular access to civilians, 12 months a year: AREA 52. In West Central Texas, southwest of Abilene, Spindler Arms LLC operates the modern AREA 52 Long Range Shooting facility. AREA 52 offers high-tech acoustic targets at four distances: 300m, 600m, 800m, and 1000 meters. Every shooter has his/her own target monitor for scoring. All target bays are on separate lines of sight, and shooters are spaced on a single line, so there is no conflict between 300m shooters and those shooting the longer distances.

spindler arms area 52spindler arms area 52

Area 52 has scheduled three major, multi-distance competitions this fall. On October 11, AREA 52 will host a multi-distance Long Range Competition using electronic targets. The Course of Fire consists of 3 sighters and 15 record shots at each of the four metric distances (300m, 600m, 800m, 1000m). The cost is $70 per class. Max caliber is .338 Lapua Magnum. On October 25, the 3-6-8 SniperCup Challenge will be held. Limited to 50 participants, this match involves timed fire at 300, 600, and 800 meters. Thirty (30) record rounds total. There will be separate classes for semi-auto and bolt-action rifles, and the fee is $35 per class. Lastly, on November 1, Area 52 hosts a 4-distance Benchrest event with targets at 300, 600, 800, and 1000 meters. It is unusual for benchresters to be challenged at four distances this far apart, and it will be interesting to see the choice of calibers. Maybe a 6 PPC at 300 and a 300 WSM at 1000? Course of fire includes 3 sighters and 2 x 10 record rounds within 30 minutes at each distance. This is a “group-shooting” match with Score as the tie-breaker. Match fee is $ 79.00 per shooter/class/gun.

spindler arms area 52

To learn more about Area 52 and the upcoming matches, visit, or contact Wilhelm Spindler, AREA 52, 6555 N. State Hwy. 208, Robert Lee, TX 76945, phone: (325) 453-9166, email: info [at]

spindler arms area 52

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