September 15th, 2008

NBRSA 1000-Yard Nationals in Byers, Colorado, Sept. 18-21

The Colorado Rifle Club will be hosting the 2008 NBRSA 1000-yard Nationals at Byers, Colorado from Septermber 18-21. Many of the nation’s top long-range shooters will be competing. Thursday the 18th will be a practice day. Matches will be shot Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (9/19 through 9/21) with two light gun targets and two heavy gun targets each day. For match info and late registrations, call Jim Brummerstedt at (303) 772-5145.

Byers is located on the Colorado plains, east of Denver. The Byers facility, situated on 2080 acres, was founded in 1925. It is considered the best shooting range in the state. At the 1000 yard line (actually 1005 yards) there are 21 bench rest tables with additional benches at 300 yards and at 600 yards for load development. You can learn more about the range by visiting the Colorado Rifle Club website. Traditionally, Byers has been a challenging location, with unpredictable weather and sometimes very strong winds. Luckily, the Colorado Rifle Club has a dedicated weather page on the internet, with current conditions “web-cast” in real time.

CLICK HERE for current weather conditions in BYERS, COLORADO

NBRSA Nationals Byers, CO