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September 30th, 2008

Sinclair Releases New, Advanced Neck Turning System

Sinclair International has just introduced a new Neck-Turning Tool. Part of a complete system with carbide mandrels, this product promises to be one of the best neck-turners on the market. The new tool has many improved features we really like:

▪ The cutter body is big, and curved to fit the hand. So, it is easier to hold than the old Sinclair tool or the K&M tool.

▪ The cutter-depth adjustment works really well. A large, knurled rotary knob on the back of the cutter body connects to an eccentric mechanism. This moves the mandrel shaft (and case) in and out relative to the cutter tip. You start by setting the cutter with feeler gauges, then fine-tune with the knob. Adjustments are very positive and precise, with laser-engraved index marks. This is a very good adjustment system, we think.

▪ The end of the tool is open so you can easily eyeball the caseneck as you’re cutting.

▪ High-grade carbide mandrels in 17 through 338 calibers will be offered with the new cutter system. At about $45 per caliber, they’re expensive, but the carbide mandrels DO work better — you’ll notice smoother case rotation and less heat build-up than with conventional (non-carbide) mandrels. If you already have mandrels, don’t worry. Sinclair says: “Our single-ended stainless mandrels will work fine with the new Neck-Turning Tool.”

Sinclair Neck-turning tool

Precise Adjustments Possible
With the eccentric adjustment system, you can make quick cut-depth changes with great precision. The cutter adjustment knob is click-adjustable in .0002″-.00025″ per click increments. The cut depth can be adjusted through a range of .004″-.005″ using the adjustment dial. A mandrel adjustment screw is included to make mandrel set-up and adjustment easier.

Sinclair Neck-turning tool

Sinclair’s new Premium Neck-Turning Tool includes three (3) feeler gauges for quickly setting cutter depth in the approximate range of the cut desired. With the cutter in range using the feeler gauge, the eccentric adjustment knob can make final adjustment for the exact neckwall thickness you desire. Sinclair claims: “Cutter adjustment is very fast and sure with none of the usual trial and error experienced with other tools.”

The $145.95 Premium Neck Turning Tool Kit (item NT-4000) includes three feeler gauges and a case-holder Turning Handle. Or you can save ten bucks and get the Tool and gauges without handle for $135.95 (item NT-4100). All popular Sinclair neck-turning tool accessories, including expander mandrels, will work with the Premium Tool. Order caliber-specific carbide turning mandrels separately for $44.75 per mandrel (items 95-0XX).

Sinclair Neck-turning tool

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September 30th, 2008

Federal Firearms Licensing Center Moves to Martinsburg, WV


Effective October 1, 2008, the Federal Firearms Licensing Center (FFLC) will move most of its operations from Atlanta, Georgia to Martinsburg, West Virginia. This transfer of function was mandated by Congress in ATF’s FY2005 appropriations legislation. The notice of change states: “As with previous workload redistributions, we anticipate an initial adjustment period and appreciate your patience in advance.” Please contact the FFLC toll free at 1-866-662-2750 with any questions about this change.

244 Needy Road
Martinsburg, WV 25405
1-866-662-2750 (phone)
1-866-257-2749 (fax)

Complete contact information for the FFLC, with names and phone numbers for all regional field officers, can be downloaded in a .pdf file linked below.

Federal Firearms Licensing Center Office Roster

New Assignments Starting 10/1/2008
All applications received by the FFLC with a postmark date of October 1, 2008 or later will be assigned for processing based on the new list of State assignments (see .pdf file). Applications postmarked before October 1, 2008 will continue to be assigned to their current examiner for completion.

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