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September 16th, 2008

High-Schooler Shoots 0.711"… Potential IBS 600-Yard Records

High-School senior Paul Wagner set two potential IBS 600-yard Light Gun records this past weekend at the Piedmont Gun Club in Rutherfordton, NC. Paul started off with a .711″ 5-shot group for his first target in LG class. He ended up with a spectacular 1.6288″ 4-target Aggregate. In order, his four targets were: 0.711″, 1.848″, 2.191″, and 1.765″. We are told that both the 0.711″ group and the Agg are potential IBS records for the new 600-yard target. In the process of setting the records, Paul won LG class (group), beating some pretty good trigger pullers, including 2008 Nationals Winner Samuel Hall. Paul also out-shot his own dad, Rodney Wagner (aka “Eggman” on our Shooters Forum). Rodney reports: “My son Paul is pretty humble about his trigger-pulling abilities. As a Dad, I’m probably more excited than he is!”

Paul Wagner IBS 600 yards

Paul Wagner IBS 600 yards

Rodney Wagner tells us: “Paul started going to IBS 600-yard matches last year and actually shot his first match the end of 2006 season using a custom Savage model 12 with a SharpShooter Supply 20BR barrel. This year, when I built Paul a rifle he could call his own, he really started winning. Some even thought he had a chance of winning the IBS 600 Nationals at Oak Ridge this year. Several old timers have commented on his good ‘table manners’. I think his secret is he just doesn’t get excited, and takes everything in stride. He has been known to nap between relays with his IPod and earplugs in a folding chair. Paul shoots free recoil using a Protektor bag with medium high ears and a Bald Eagle front rest on a plate.”

Paul Wagner IBS 600 yards

Record-Setting Rifle Specs
The rifle features a Stiller drop-port Diamondback action, Jewell trigger, and a 28″, 8-twist Krieger barrel (heavy varmint contour). It was chambered as a “no-turn” 6 BRX by Mike Davis using his 6 BRX reamer. The stock is a Shehane Obeche Tracker II bedded and finished by Mike Isenhour who added his own weight system. On top is a Nightforce 12-42x BR scope mounted with Burris Signature ZEE rings. The load is just basic 6 BRX: 33.6 grains Varget, 105gr Berger VLD, CCI 450 primers, Lapua brass on the 7th firing. Rodney Wagner reports: “I sometimes sort bullets by bearing length but have not done that in a while as I have been getting really good bullets right out of the box from Berger.”

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September 16th, 2008

ATK Continues Growth with Focus on Consumer Market

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reports that, less than a decade after entering the ammunition market, Minneapolis-based Alliant Techsystems (NYSE:ATK) has become the nation’s largest ammo manufacturer. The company said it is on track to deliver 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition in fiscal year 2009. Yep, that’s BILLION with a ‘B’. ATK-made ammunition now generates more revenue than all other commercial ammo brands, including Winchester and Remington. While military sales make up almost 70 percent of revenues for ATK’s $1.6 billion Armament Systems Division, ATK is aggressively working to increase its sales to target shooters and hunters, according to Business Week:

“[ATK] pushed its way into small-caliber ammunition in 2000 with an aggressive bid to run the U.S. Army’s Lake City Ammunition Plant in Independence, Mo., that made it the military’s biggest ammo supplier. It has since moved swiftly into the civilian sphere, wooing hunters and police officers with creative marketing and bold promises of better performance. Military sales make up almost 70% of revenues for ATK’s $1.6 billion Armament Systems Div., one of ATK’s fastest-growing units. On Aug. 7 the unit reported a 32% increase in sales for the last quarter, to $442 million, while profits jumped 53%, to $44 million.”

ATK’s strategies are paying off, not only in the military sector, but in the civilian sport and hunting markets as well. As a result, ATK’s stock value has more than doubled in the last 5 years, showing robust growth when many companies’ stock prices are being hammered.

Alliant Tech Systems stock price

ATK Expands Lake City Production Facililty
ATK announced it has received an additional $104.3 million in military small-caliber ammunition orders from the U.S. Army. Work on the contracts will be performed by ATK at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) in Independence, Missouri. Working in partnership with the Army, ATK has expanded manufacturing capacity at the plant.

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