September 18th, 2008

Shooter's Ridge Offers New Swivel Bipod with Quick-Release

Shooters Ridge®, a subsidiary of ATK, has introduced a new bipod (MSRP: $145.49) with some interesting features. With aluminum legs and a quick-release mount, the new Shooters Ridge Deluxe Bipod is lighter and easier to deploy than some competitive products.

Light Weight Plus Swivel/Cant Capability
The twist-lock bipod legs are crafted from aluminum for a 30% weight savings over conventional bipods. The twist-lock adjustment allows the legs to be set at any height the shooter prefers. The new bipod features dual thrust bearings. These allow the shooter to adjust the tilt of the rifle to keep the scope reticle level on uneven ground. Shooters Ridge claims the bearings also help hunters follow moving game, presumably by allowing some traverse.

Shooters Ridge Deluxe Bipod

Quick Attachment Feature
The Shooters Ridge Deluxe bipod features a rapid-mounting system. Affix the cam assembly on the forward swivel and the bipod slips on and off in seconds. Internal click locks keep the bipod snugly on the firearm while the push button release lets you remove the bipod quickly and quietly. This new bipod can be used with or without a sling and is available in both 9” – 13” (40455) and 13” – 21” (40457) models. For more info, visit, and click on “New Products”.

NOTE: This product info was supplied by Shooter’s Ridge. We haven’t field-tested one yet. “Street Price” is $105-$129.00. At that price, it is more expensive than the Harris Swivel models which can be purchased for about $85-$90 at discount vendors.