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March 30th, 2011

New Hornady HPBT Match Bullets — Most Have Arrived

Hornady is rolling out a series of new Boat-Tail Hollowpoint (BTHP) match bullets. These are all-new non-tipped bullets, not merely modified A-Max designs. There will be a 105gr 6mm, a 140gr 6.5mm, a 162gr 7mm, three new .30 Cal bullets (178, 208, 225 grains), a 285gr .338-cal bullet, and a monster 450gr .416-caliber projectile. These BTHP bullets feature Hornady’s new AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process) jackets, which Hornady claims are “the most consistently concentric bullet jackets available”.

Hornady Match Bullets

All Bullets Except the 6mm and 6.5mm Can Be Purchased Now
Unfortunately, the 6mm and 6.5mm bullets have not reached dealers’ shelves yet, as far as we can tell. However, the .30-caliber match bullets, the 162gr 7mm, and the new .338 and .416 bullets, are in stock now either at or Sinclair International. Our price check revealed that, for those new Hornady Match bullets currently carried by both vendors, has the lower price by a couple dollars per box. also offers free shipping (after a flat-rate handling charge). The prices in the chart below are for, except where only Sinclair Int’l has inventory in stock.

Hornady Match Bullets

High BC and Improved Concentricity — But Will They Shoot?
Hornady boasts some pretty high G1 BCs for most of these new match bullets. In addition, Hornady claims the new bullets have superior concentricity because their AMP jackets exhibit “near zero wall-thickness variation”. We’re anxious to try some of the new AMP-jacketed bullets to see if these bullets really are exceptionally accurate, or whether Hornady’s marketing claims are mere hype. Watch the video below to learn more about these new bullets.

YouTube Preview Image

Hornady Match Bullets

Disclosure: Hornady does not advertise with and does not contribute to this site as a sponsor. Story sourced by Edlongrange.
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March 30th, 2011

NRA 2011 Annual Meeting Kicks Off in Pittsburgh, PA on April 28

Mark your calendar. The NRA Annual Meeting, to be held April 28 through May 1 in Pittsburgh, PA, is just one month away. The 2011 NRA Annual Meeting features nearly 500 displays of firearms, shooting accessories, and hunting gear. Most major domestic firearm companies will have their complete line-up on display. With over 310,000 square feet of exhibit space, there’s something for everyone. You can check out new handguns, view tactical and sporting rifles, book a hunting trip, or browse heirloom arms in the gun collector area. The Meeting is FREE for all NRA members (however some special events require ticket purchase). To see the exhibitor list, view the floor plan, check the seminar schedule, or reserve event tickets, go to, the official NRA Meeting website.

NRA Annual Meeting, April 28-May 1, Pittsburgh PA

Pyramyd Air Offers Indoor Shooting Range All Four Days
The meeting officially opens at 2:00 pm on April 28. Early birds should head straight to Pyramyd Air’s Air Gun Range for some indoor shooting fun. On the 28th, you can also check out the lobby exhibits, get tickets for major events, and shop at the NRA Store. On Thursday you can beat the crowds by registering early. Attendee Registration on Thursday runs from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Registration resumes at 8:00 am each morning for the next three days (Fri, Sat, Sun).

Major ticketed events at the Annual Meeting include: NRA Foundation Banquet (April 28, 5:00 pm), 5th Annual NRA-ILA Auction (April 29, 6:00 pm, Heinz Field), NRA Celebration of American Values (April 30, 7:30 pm, CONSOL Energy Center), NRA Annual Prayer Breakfast (7:00 am, May 1, Wyndham Hotel).

Exhibit Hall Hours:
Friday, April 29: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 30: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 1: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

List of Exhibitors
Annual Meeting Exhibit FLOOR PLAN
Open Seminars Schedule
Travel Assistance Information

Volunteers Needed
NRA is seeking volunteers to help at the 2011 NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. Volunteer opportunities include working at the Air Gun Range, staffing the membership counters, and stocking shelves in the stores to name just a few. For more information, contact Dennis Eggers, Annual Meeting Volunteer Coordinator, at 270-522-0909.

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