August 23rd, 2011

Tuff 1 Rubberized Grip Sleeves Work on Rifles and Pistols

The Tuff 1 Grip Cover is a simple new accessory that may benefit tubegun shooters, AR owners, and pistol enthusiasts. Tuff 1 Grip Covers are made from a proprietary, grippy rubberized material that can stretch up to 200%. This elasticity allows the covers to easily fit all revolvers, semi-autos, and rifle or shotgun pistol grips. As you’d expect, Tuff 1 grip covers give you a more secure hold. Importantly, the material also helps absorb recoil (though not as much as Hogue grips). When fitted over a standard, hard-plastic AR grip, the Tuff 1 sleeve definitely provides a more comfortable, “high-traction” feel in the hand. On semi-auto pistols, Tuff 1 grip covers give a secure hold without the rough feel you get with stick-on skateboard tape.

Boa or Bad-Ass
Three surface patterns and four colors (Black, Olive Drab, Desert Tan, Hot Pink) are offered. We prefer the raised button “Boa Snake” pattern, but there is also a grid pattern with raised lines, and a skull pattern, for those “bad-ass” types. The $16.95 MSRP is the same for all colors and surface patterns. You can order from major vendors or directly from the Tuff 1 Online Store.

Tuff1 pistol grip

The one-size-fits-all Tuff 1 grip covers are easy to install. Simply roll the rubberized grip up like a sock, place it on the grip, then unroll it. (Watch installation video below). The Tuff 1 covers can be just as easily removed without harming the rubber.

Useful Product — But Consider Other Options
If you sweat a lot or shoot in wet climates, Tuff 1 grip covers provide a simple, low-cost upgrade. A Tuff 1 grip sleeve does markedly enhance the standard plastic AR15 pistol grip, which is hard, and slippery when wet. But then, for not much more money, you can select among a half-dozen or more aftermarket AR grips which will probably fit your hand better AND provide more cushioning.

For wood-handled wheelguns, we like the Tuff 1 covers in Boa or ‘Double-Cross’ pattern. The Tuff 1 grip sleeves provide better “traction” and cushion the hand a bit without changing grip geometry or making the grip overly thick in your hand. For a tubegun, we prefer the feel and ergonomics of a wood grip, such as those crafted by Doan Trevor (photo at right). These cost $75.00 from or For $175.00, Doan also offers fully customized stippled grips, fitted to the shooter’s hand, and finished in satin or gloss.

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