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April 29th, 2016

Great “Gunscapes” from Nightforce Optics

Nightforce rifle scope photo

Here are some great rifle-centric landscape images courtesy of Nightforce Optics. Perhaps these “gunscapes” will encourage you to grab your rifle and head out into the woods this weekend. These images are part of an ongoing series of rifle photos posted on the Nightforce Facebook page. Can you identify the optics, and any of the locations? To see a full-screen version of each image, just click on any photo, and a larger version will load.

CLICK Any Image for Larger View

Nightforce rifle scope photo

Nightforce rifle scope photo

Nightforce rifle scope photo

Nightforce rifle scope photo

Parting Shot…
This is NOT a Photoshop job — that’s the actual view through a Nightforce scope of a deer. Photographer (and rifle-owner) Brandon F. says: “Ya’ll might enjoy this picture of a Fort Hood white tail… 400m away.”

Nightforce rifle scope photo

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July 18th, 2015

Swarovski Tech Blog Reveals How Scopes Work

The Swarovski Optik website features a blog with interesting technical articles. In the “On Target” series of blog stories, Swarovski has provided a handy explanation of how optics systems work, with exploded diagrams of rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and binoculars. CLICK HERE for Swarovski Optics Blog. optics rifle scope Swarovski optics rifle scope Swarovski

Scope Terminology
Focusing Lens
The focusing lens is an adjustable lens inside the optical system for focusing the image at different distances…. In the case of rifle scopes, apart from focusing, the focusing lens also facilitates parallax compensation.

Diopter Adjustment
For rifle scopes, the reticle can be focused using the diopter adjustment on the eyepiece, thereby correcting any visual impairment. [Editor’s Note: Movable eyepiece diopter adjustment is not offered on all rifle scopes. It is a useful feature on Swarovski and other premium scopes. This allows shooters who need eyeglasses to get a sharply focus image even without wearing corrective lenses. Of course shooters should always wear ANSI-certified eye protection. With the diopter, folks who need correction can use inexpensive, non-Rx safety eyewear instead of expensive prescription safety glasses.]

Reversal System
The purpose of the reversal system is to reverse the image by means of prisms in binoculars and telescopes, and lenses in rifle scopes….The lens reversal system is needed in rifle scopes to control the variable magnification and move the exit pupil[.]

Resource tip by EdLongRange. We welcome reader submissions.
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March 24th, 2013

New Prostaff 5 Scopes: 4X Zoom Ratio with Constant Eye Relief

Nikon has introduced an all-new line-up of affordable riflescopes for hunters and varmint shooters. The new Nikon ProStaff 5 Series of scopes feature four times zoom range and a bright new optical system. With their fully multi-coated lenses, ProStaff 5 riflescopes provide up to 95% light transmission. That’s great for hunters working at dawn and dusk. (Some ProStaff 5s also have illuminated reticles). All ProStaff 5 scope models are waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof.
Nikon Prostaff 4 rifle scope

To View ProStaff 5 Scopes, Click this Link and then SORT by “NEWEST” in display.

The ProStaff 5 line-up of scopes ranges from 2.5-10X to 4.5-18X with a variety of reticle options including NikoPlex, BDC, Fine Crosshair with dot, and Mil-Dot. Some ProStaff 5 scopes have an illuminated reticle with five intensity levels of red or green. A rheostat dimmer is located on the side focus knob for easy adjustment. All ProStaff 5 scopes now offer spring-loaded, instant zero-reset turrets. This makes your return-to-zero fast and foolproof in the field. (To set your zero, just sight-in as usual, then lift the spring-loaded adjustment knob, rotate to “zero,” and re-engage.)

Nikon Prostaff 4 rifle scope

ProStaff 5 series scopes were designed with a constant (and generous) four inches of eye relief. If you’ve ever had to move your head back and forth as you changed magnification levels, you know that constant eye relief is a big deal with very real practical benefits in the field. The new ProStaff 5 scopes also feature a quick-focus eyepiece, to allow any shooter to easily bring the reticle into focus.

Nikon Prostaff 4 rifle scope

Nikon ProStaff 5 Scopes

Part # Model Reticle MSRP
6735 2.5-10×40 Nikoplex $269.95
6736 2.5-10×40 BDC $279.95
6737 2.5-10×40 (silver) BDC $289.95
6738 2.5-10×50 Nikoplex $369.95
6739 2.5-10×50 BDC $379.95
6740 3.5-14×40 SF Nikoplex $349.95
6741 3.5-14×40 SF BDC $359.95
6742 3.5-14×40 SF (silver) BDC $369.95
6743 3.5-14×40 SF Mildot $359.95
6744 3.5-14×50 SF Nikoplex $449.95
Part # Model Reticle MSRP
6745 3.5-14×50 SF BDC $459.95
6750 3.5-14×50 SF Illuminated Nikoplex $569.95
6751 3.5-14×50 SF Illuminated BDC $579.95
6746 4.5-18×40 SF Nikoplex $449.95
6747 4.5-18×40 SF BDC $459.95
6748 4.5-18×40 SF Mildot $459.95
6749 4.5-18×40 SF Fine Crosshair with Dot $459.95
6752 4.5-18×40 SF Illuminated BDC $579.95
6753 4.5-18×40 SF Illuminated Nikoplex $569.95
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February 20th, 2011

Natchez Offers Big Discounts on Swarovski Scopes

Natchez Shooters Supplies is currently running a major promotion on Swarovski optics. If you are looking for an extremely high quality hunting scope or target scope, you should check out the deals at Natchez. Here are some examples:

Swarovski  Scope

Swarovski Scope

Swarovski Spotting ScopeSwarovski Spotting Scopes
Swarovski Spotting Scopes and eyepieces are also on sale. The outstanding Swaro 80mm STM HD is marked down from $3,110.00 to $2,520.00, while the compact Swaro 65mm STM 65 (Straight Body) spotter is discounted from $1,521.11 to $1,240.00. The Swarovski Optik 20-60XS Oculars Eyepiece is also discounted from $665.56 to $539.00, a 19% savings.

NOTE: Sale inventories are limited, and prices are subject to change.

Story sourced by Edlongrange.
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February 5th, 2011

Bushnell Elite 4200 Tactical Scopes on Sale at MidwayUSA

Experienced tactical shooters will tell you that a first focal plane (FFP), mil-mil scope is the smart way to go — if you need to range targets at unknown distances. This gives you mil dots for measuring the size of a target, a reticle that can range at all power settings, plus 1/10th mil-radian turret clicks for compatibility. There are a lot of “tactical” scopes marketed these days, many of which are just medium-power target scopes with bulky turrets. The top-end tactical scopes do offer the right combination of features, but you can easily spend $2000.00 or even $3000.00 on a good FFP mil-mil optic.

Save Hundreds on 30mm, Mil-Mil Illuminated Bushnell Tactical Scopes
With its Elite 4200 series of tactical scopes, Bushnell has created a truly affordable series of quality 30mm-tube, mil-mil optics. The FFP Elite 4200s rival some tactical scopes costing twice as much (honest). And right now you can save even more. Through the end of February 2011, MidwayUSA is offering huge discounts on the Bushnell 4200 FFP 3-12x44mm and 6-24x50mm tactical scopes. Both these scopes feature FFP mildot reticles, 30mm tubes, 1/10th mil adjustments, and illumination. And the prices are amazing. The 3-12X is marked down from $849.99 to $594.99, a $255.00 savings. The 6-24X price has been slashed from $999.99 to $699.99, a $300.00 savings.

Bushnell Tactical Scope Sale

Go ahead and comparison-shop the price. We think you’ll find these deals hard to beat. And this scope comes with all the right features out of the box. Here’s what one 3-12x44mm owner says: “This is the best scope [value] on the market right now that offers mil/mil, good glass, tactical turrets, [and] rugged reliability. [T]his scope has optics as good as my Vari-X-III 4.5-114x50mm and is mil/mil and more rugged! Great scope!”

Midway’s prices are good through 2/28/2011. If you need a good tactical scope for under $700.00 these Elites will do the job. And for those who want a solid hunting scope with good glass, MidwayUSA is also discounting the Bushnell Elite 4200 2.5-10X50mm scope with illuminated T-Dot Reticle. The rugged 2.5-10X features 1/4-MOA clicks, and is now just $405.99 on sale, marked down from $579.99.

Bushnell Tactical Scope Sale

Note: As Bushnell’s Elite 4200 series scopes have somewhat limited elevation range compared to the high-dollar tactical scopes, we recommend mounting these optics on a +10 or +20 MOA rail.

Free Rain Suit with Purchase of Any Bushnell Elite Riflescope
As an added incentive, Bushnell is offering a FREE two-piece olive drab rainsuit to all purchasers of Elite riflescopes. To get your rain suit, just send in the product UPC code, a copy of the sales receipt, and $15.00 to cover shipping and handling. This offer is good through 12/31/2011.

CLICK HERE for free Rain Suit Offer

Bushnell rainsuit offer

Story Sourced by Edlongrange. Disclosure: MidwayUSA advertises with this website.
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January 24th, 2011

SHOT Show Report: Nightforce Fits “High-Speed” Turrets to NXS Line, Adds New “Velocity” (BDC) Reticles

The big news at the Nightforce Optics booth this year involved Nightforce’s “High-Speed” turret design. First introduced on select models in 2010, now the “high-speed” turrets will be installed as standard equipment on Nightforce’s full line of NXS riflescopes (except compacts). The “High-Speed” turrets basically double the amount of elevation (or windage) travel you get with one full revolution of the turret. Previously, a Nightforce elevation turret delivered 10 MOA of elevation adjustment with one 360° turret rotation. Now, with the “High-Speed” turrets, Nightforce scopes will yield twenty (20) MOA of elevation travel with one full revolution. The “High-Speed” windage knobs will now give 10 MOA of travel in each direction. For mil-based turrets, the amount of elevation travel (per revolution) has been increased from 5 mils (per 360° spin) to 10 mils.

The doubling of adjustment travel (per revolution) really is an important upgrade that should make Nightforce scopes more user-friendly and fool-proof. For most popular cartridges, you should be able to go from 100 to 1000 yards within one 360° spin of the elevation turret. This means you no longer have to worry about which revolution you’re on. There are highly visible index numbers on the turret, so you should be able to just dial an index number (e.g. 9, 12, 18) to zero at any distance from 100 to 1000.

YouTube Preview Image

New Velocity 600 and Velocity 1000 Ballistic Compensating Reticles
Nightforce will also introduce two new “Velocity” reticles in the summer of 2011, one for 600 yards max, and the other for 1000 yards max range. These will initially be available for the 3.5-15X and 5.5-22X scopes only. Both NF “Velocity” reticles are basically Bullet Drop Compensating reticles that provide hold-over lines for particular yardages. But, you might ask, “How does Nightforce know the ballistic drops for my particular cartridge?” Here’s how it works — the customer sends in his bullet type, bullet BC, and muzzle velocity. Then Nightforce picks one of five (5) calibrated “Velocity” reticles, selecting the hold-over reticle design that most closely matches the actual trajectory of your loads. For most hunters using a common cartridge, one of the five Nightforce “Velocity” reticles should provide a good fit to your load’s ballistics. This isn’t revolutionary — Burris, Leupold, and Zeiss all offer something similar, but it’s good to see Nightforce add this reticle option to its lineup.

Ntightforce velocity reticle

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December 2nd, 2010

Protect Your Expensive Optics with ScopeCoats

ScopeCoat Scope ProtectorWith the price of some premium scopes approaching $3000.00 (and beyond), it’s more important than ever to provide extra protection for your expensive optics. ScopeCoat produces covers that shield scopes with a layer of neoprene rubber (wetsuit material) sandwiched between nylon. In addition to its basic covers, sold in a variety of sizes and colors, ScopeCoat has a line of heavy-duty 6mm products that provide added security.

Triple-Thickness XP-6 Model for Added Protection
The XP-6 Flak Jacketâ„¢ is specifically designed for extra protection and special applications. The 6mm-thick layer of neoprene is three times thicker than the standard ScopeCoat. XP-6 Flak Jackets are designed for tall turrets, with sizes that accommodate either two or three adjustment knobs (for both side-focus and front-focus parallax models). To shield an expensive NightForce, March, or Schmidt & Bender scope, this a good choice. XP-6 covers come in black color only, and are available for both rifle-scopes and spotting scopes.

ScopeCoat Scope ProtectorThe heavily padded XP-6 Flak Jacket is also offered in a Zippered version, shown at right. This is designed for removable optics that need protection when in storage. The full-length, zippered closure goes on quick-and-easy and provides more complete protection against dust, shock, and moisture. MSRP is $30.00.

Special Covers for Binos and Red-Dots
ScopeCoat offers many specialized products, including oversize covers for spotting scopes, protective “Bino-Bibs” for binoculars, rangefinder covers, even sleeves for small pistol scopes and red-dot optics. There are also custom-designed covers for the popular Eotech and Trijicon tactical optics. Watch the Shooting USA video below to see some of ScopeCoat’s latest specialty covers.

YouTube Preview Image
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February 19th, 2008

Tech Info for Schmidt & Bender 12.5-50×56 Scope Now Available

German optics-maker Schmidt & Bender has recently released comprehensive information on the new 12.5-60×56 PMII scope. The spec sheets are found on S&B’s German-language website. (The USA website has not been updated yet.) We’ve handled this new scope at SHOT Show and it is very impressive to say the least. While our auto-translation from the German isn’t perfect, (and some of the published info appears to be incorrect), here are key specs we’ve discerned:

Weight: 21.52 ounces (610 grams) HOWEVER 1100 grams may be more accurate*
Overall Length: 16.38″ (416.5 mm)
Main Tube: 34mm
Click Value: 1 cm per click OR 1/4 MOA (two versions)
Reticle: P3 (Others may be available later)

CLICK HERE for Schmidt & Bender 12.5-50 Scope INFO

Note: S&B also lists an exit pupil size range of 13.3 to 3.3 mm. The smaller number doesn’t seem right, unless S&B has achieved a major breakthrough in optics design. At max 50X power, with a 56mm front objective, we calculate the minimum exit pupil as 1.12 mm.

*We also question the stated weight of 610 grams. The 12.5-50X56 S&B Field Target Scope, which is similar in size and features, is listed at 1150 grams or 40.56 ounces.

The scope description states: “The sight is alternatively available with foreseeing in the 1st plane or 2nd plane.” By this we think it means BOTH first-focal-plane reticle and second-focal-plane reticle versions will be offered. On a variable power scope, a first-focal-plane reticle increases or decreases with the power setting, so the reticle always appears the same size relative to the target. When the reticle is in the second focal plane, the reticle stays a constant size as the image increases or decreases in size with the power setting.

We still have no concrete information on scope price or availability in the USA. We’ve heard the figures $2700-2900 tossed around, but S&B representatives won’t give out hard numbers. Keep in mind that the 12.5-50 is NOT illuminated so it could actually be a little cheaper than the 5-25×56 PMII with illuminated reticle.

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January 9th, 2008

Photos and Specs for New 30mm Sightrons

Sightron has provided with these exclusive new photos of the “next generation” Sightron SIII scopes to be released very soon. Four new 30mm scopes join the Sightron line-up for 2008. There will be two new 3.5-10X scopes, one with a 44mm front objective and Mil-Dot reticle, the other with a large, 56mm objective and IR4A reticle for enhanced low-light performance. Both 3.5-10X scopes feature 1/4 MOA clicks plus 120 MOA of windage AND elevation. The 56mm version boasts constant 3.6-inch eye relief–a nice feature for hunters.

Sightron SIII 30mm 6-24x50mm

Next in the line-up is the new 6-24×50 SIII. This is an all-new 30mm scope that rivals the Leupold 8-25 LRT in design and performance. Available in target dot or mil-dot reticle, the 6-24x50mm offers a full 100 MOA of windage and elevation in a relatively compact (14.96″) scope weighing 21.90 ounces. Clicks are 1/4 MOA and eye relief is near-constant, varying from 3.6-3.8 inches throughout the magnification range.

Sightron SIII 30mm 6-24x50mm

NEW 8-32x56mm with 70 MOA of Windage + Elevation
For long-range shooters, the most exciting new offering from Sightron is the SIII 8-32x56mm. This scope has more magnification and a larger front objective than the Leupold 8-25×50 LRT, but with an $825.00 estimated “street price”, the Sightron costs less. Importantly, the Sightron 8-32X offers 70 MOA of both windage AND elevation. This outclasses other domestic 8-32 power zoom scopes. With a weight of 24.70 oz., the new Sightron 8-32×56 is 2.7 oz. heavier than a Leupold 8-25 LRT, but the Sightron is nearly 3/4 of a pound lighter than the Nightforce 8-32×56 BR model. That’s a big difference, considering that the Sightron matches the Nightforce’s 56mm front objective size.

Sightron SIII 30mm 8-32x56mm

Initially, the Sightron 8-32×56 will be offered with 1/4 MOA clicks, and just one reticle, a target dot. Sightron has indicated that other reticles might be offered in the future. No word on 1/8 MOA click values though. Overall, we’re impressed with the specs on the new 8-32 Sightron. It offers much more elevation than the Burris, Bushnell or Nightforce BR 8-32s, yet weighs little more than an 8-25 Leupold. We just wish Sightron offered a 1/8 MOA click option.

Sightron SIII 30mm 8-32x56mm

Sightron SIII 30mm Side-Focus Scopes for 2008

Scope Objective Clicks Eye Relief OAL Weight Street Price
6-24X 50mm 1/4 MOA 3.6-3.8″ 14.96″ 21.9 oz. $785
8-32X 56mm 1/4 MOA 3.6-4.0″ 15.35″ 24.7 oz. $825

CLICK HERE for Scope SPEC SHEET (MS Excel File)

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