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November 2nd, 2019

Top-Selling New and Used Handguns in the USA

Best selling gun genius firearms pistol Sig P320 gunbroker

Looking to acquire a handgun for personal protection of home and family? There are countless options on the market. Your buying decision may be simplified by seeing what other consumers have chosen, as revealed by nationwide sales trends. You can now check firearms sales figures using “Gun Genius”, a new data-crunching service of On you can select any type of firearm (handgun, rifle, shotgun)* and see the top sellers for that category.

Here are the five (5) top-selling NEW semi-auto handguns for October 2019:

Best selling gun genius firearms pistol Sig P320 gunbroker

And here are the five (5) top-selling USED semi-auto handguns for October 2019:

Best selling gun genius firearms pistol Sig P320 gunbroker

*Chose semi-auto pistols, revolvers, semi-auto rifles, bolt-action rifles, lever-action rifles, single-shot rifles, semi-auto shotguns, pump shotguns, and more. You can also filter for sales trends (upwards and downwards). Drill down to see detailed product specifications and current prices.

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January 23rd, 2014

Fastest Pistol Shooter on Earth Reveals His Training Techniques

At the SIG Sauer booth at SHOT Show, we had a chance to interview Max Michel, Sig Sauer’s Pistol Team Captain. Winner of multiple speed shooting world championships, Max is widely considered to be the fastest pistol shooter alive. How fast? Watch the video below. Max puts 18 shots on three targets with two (2) reloads, in a total of 4.79 seconds. That’s right, drawing from holster, he sends 18 rounds in under five seconds, with two mag changes in the process. That works out to a rate of fire of 225 rounds per minute — faster than a 19th-century Gatling Gun.

Max Michel on Fire — 18 rounds with 2 Mag Changes in Under 5 Seconds:

How did Max manage that incredible speed run? “I ate my Wheaties that morning”, Max joked. But in fact, Max acquired his amazing shooting skills the hard way — through years of dedicated practice. We asked Max about the kind of training required to attain “world-class” speed (and accuracy) with a handgun. It has taken him decades to reach this level of perfection. Max started shooting competitively while in elementary school (at age 8 or 9). He recalls coming home from school and dry firing for hours. He has spent thousands of hours practicing over the past two decades. Interestingly however, Max does most training drills at half speed. Watch the video to learn why Max trains at half speed:

Train to Win — Max Michel Reveals His Training Strategies:

At age 32, Max Michel is a legend within the world of competitive shooting. A four-time World Speed Shooting Champion, six-time USPSA National Champion, and three-time US National Steel Champion, Max is a dominant force in pistol shooting sports. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Max began shooting when he was just 5 years old. In 1999 Max joined the USAMU’s Action Pistol Team and served in the U.S. Army for 10 years as an Army shooter and trainer. Today, Max is recognized worldwide as a top-tier athlete and instructor.

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February 4th, 2010

Sig Sauer Offers $300 REBATE on Sig556 Rifles

If you’re looking for an extremely high-quality, 100% reliable semi-auto rifle for defense, three-gun matches, or predator control, you should consider the Sig556. Based on the Sig 550-series rifles used by the Swiss Army, the Sig556 features a piston/op-rod upper for enhanced reliability. The bolt, bolt carrier, and other receiver internals stay much cleaner and cooler in the Sig556 than with a direct-impingement design such as the AR-15. The Sig556 also features ultra-reliable magazines and a true folding stock as an option.

Sig556 Rifle Rebate

CLICK HERE for Sig556 Rifle Rebate Details

Now through March 8, 2010, Sig Sauer is offering a $300 Rebate on all Sig556 rifles. Customers must purchase a Sig556 rifle from a Sig Sauer commercial dealer before March 8, 2010. NOTE: Rebate Forms must be received by March 22, 2010. Remember, if you wait ’til the last minute to buy, you only have two weeks to submit the Rebate Form.

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September 10th, 2009

Links to Gun Give-Away Contests on the Web

S&W 15-22Want to win a free gun? Are you feelin’ lucky? Every month various magazines, manufacturers, and webzines offer gun drawings or give-aways. Usually you just provide your name, contact info, and email address for a chance to win. Sometimes you have to fill out a survey or answer a quiz.

Gun Giveaways Indexed on the Web
You could spend hours fishing around the web for all the gun-related contests, or just log on to Matt, webmaster of has scoured the web for gun and knife give-away contests. He has provided, all in one place, handy links and contest descriptions. Current give-aways listed on Matt’s site include:

Remington Model 870™ Express 20 gauge Shotgun

S&W M&P 15-22 (Rimfire AR15 Clone)

SIG SAUER p229 .40sw Pistol Drawing

Arsenal 7.62×39 Saiga Rifle Contest

OMB Glock 21 Pistol Give-Away (LEOs only)

Puma M92 Lever Gun Give-Away (Connors 50th Anniv. edition)

Grand View 12 Guns for 12 Months Sweepstakes

Shiloh Sharps 45-70 Rifle Drawing (for Active-Duty Military, Ends 9/11)

Shiloh Sharps Drawing

Take Note: The Shiloh Sharps Drawing is a once-a-year event for service personnel, and entries close Sept. 11, 2009.

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September 9th, 2009

Sig Sauer Offers 'Cash for Klunkers' Program

SIG SAUER 556 rifleCopying the promotion that has boosted sales of new automobiles, SIG SAUER is now offering $200.00 if you trade in an old handgun and purchase a new Sig pistol or SIG556 rifle. As SIG SAUER still makes some of the best pistols on the market, this is an attractive offer for those who need a quality handgun such as a P226 or P220.

Details of Offer
Purchase a new SIG SAUER® P220, P226, P229, 1911, SIG556 pistol, or SIG556 rifle from September 7th through November 30th, 2009, and SIG SAUER will give you $200.00 for your old KLUNKER pistol or revolver. To receive your $200.00 payment, send your old handgun with a copy of Form 4473 and proof of purchase of your new SIG pistol (or SIG556 rifle) to: SIG SAUER, Inc., 18 Industrial Drive, Exeter, NH 03833, ATTN: CK-1 .

Sig Sauer Cash for Klunkers

What Qualifies for the $200.00 Rebate
A qualifying “KLUNKER” can be from any manufacturer, but semi-autos must be at least 9mm caliber, while revolvers must be at least .38 caliber. The gun must be operational and free from cracks in frame or other key components. NOTE: Sig Sauer reserves the right to reject any firearm submitted as a KLUNKER that does not meet Sig’s criteria. To get the $200.00, you MUST submit your old gun on or before 12/4/2009. This is an absolute deadline — NO EXCEPTIONS.

CLICK HERE to download the KLUNKER Program Rules.

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