February 4th, 2010

Sig Sauer Offers $300 REBATE on Sig556 Rifles

If you’re looking for an extremely high-quality, 100% reliable semi-auto rifle for defense, three-gun matches, or predator control, you should consider the Sig556. Based on the Sig 550-series rifles used by the Swiss Army, the Sig556 features a piston/op-rod upper for enhanced reliability. The bolt, bolt carrier, and other receiver internals stay much cleaner and cooler in the Sig556 than with a direct-impingement design such as the AR-15. The Sig556 also features ultra-reliable magazines and a true folding stock as an option.

Sig556 Rifle Rebate

CLICK HERE for Sig556 Rifle Rebate Details

Now through March 8, 2010, Sig Sauer is offering a $300 Rebate on all Sig556 rifles. Customers must purchase a Sig556 rifle from a Sig Sauer commercial dealer before March 8, 2010. NOTE: Rebate Forms must be received by March 22, 2010. Remember, if you wait ’til the last minute to buy, you only have two weeks to submit the Rebate Form.

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