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February 2nd, 2010

Nightforce Adds High-Speed Elevation Adjustments for 2010

Nightforce Optics has enhanced their elevation adjustments in this year’s lineup of high-magnification Nightforce scopes. Now you can get DOUBLE the elevation travel with a SINGLE TURN of the elevation knob. For an NXS with 1/4-MOA clicks, this means you can get a full 20 MOA of elevation travel with a single turn of the knob.

Bravo, Nightforce — this simple enhancement can make a BIG difference in the field. With most “high-performance” calibers, 20 MOA will get you to 700 yards or beyond. This means that the varminter can zero at all likely hunting yardages within the same revolution of the turret. That makes life much simpler, and reduces the chance of being way off in your elevation. No more confusion about which revolution you’re on….

Likewise, a tactical shooter, moving from near to far targets and back again, can likely stay on the same revolution at most target yardages. Even if you shoot out to 1000 yards, you will be able to get all the way out to 1K within two complete revolutions. This upgrade — doubling the elevation travel in each turret revolution — gives Nightforce scopes practical performance (inside 700 yards) similar to much more expensive scopes fitted with a single-turn or double-turn elevation systems (such as the U.S. Optics EREK knob). The new high-speed adjustment system will be offered in Nightforce’s 15x, 22x, 32x, and 42x series of scopes. Anticipated delivery date for scopes with the high-speed adjustment is May, 2010.

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What About Retro-fitting Older NF Scopes?
Nightforce plans to provide an upgrade path for existing Nightforce scopes “eventually, but not right away”. The upgrade would allow installation of the “high-speed adjustment” system on older NF scopes. We don’t have any more specifics. Nightforce has NOT revealed how much the high-speed conversion would cost or when it might be available for pre-2010 scopes.

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February 2nd, 2010

NSSF Offers New "Insights" Daily Radio Spots

NSSF Insights Radio ShowStarting March 1, 2010, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) will offer daily 90-second radio spots about the shooting sports and hunting. The new “Insights” radio featurettes, hosted by John Quaintance, will cover a wide variety of shooting topics, including firearms history, self-defense, competitive marksmanship, and firearms industry news. Each week one or more “Insights” segments will offer helpful hunting and shooting tips. According to Mark Thomas (NSSF Marketing Director), this program “will help NSSF reach a new audience of hunters and shooters, and will inspire potential participants … to try our sports.” For those who can’t get the daily NSSF “Insights” via radio, you can download the audio clips at and through iTunes.

John QuaintanceListen to Sample Programs (MP3 files)

Sight-in your Rifle in Record Time

Select the Right Bullet for your Game

Is it a Kentucky or a Pennsylvania Rifle?

The Return of the 28 Gauge

NSSF encourages readers to let their local radio stations know about this free daily radio program. Station managers should contact NSSF for a sample program and to learn more about adding the show to their lineup.

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