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February 8th, 2010

Book Review: "I, Sniper" by Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter I SniperBob “The Nailer” Swagger is back in Stephen Hunter’s new novel, I, Sniper. Released at the end of 2009, Hunter’s new Bob Lee Swagger story has earned praise as “the best Stephen Hunter book in years.”

In I, Sniper, four Vietnam-era peaceniks are shot dead and retired military sniper Carl Hitchcock is framed for their murders. (The Hitchcock character is based, as you’ve guessed, on famed USMC sniper Carlos Hathcock). Swagger soon realizes that Hitchcock, a fellow ex-Marine and Vietnam vet, is innocent, while the real killer, who’s using high-tech, electronic sniper gear, is still at large. Swagger sets out to find the actual shooter.

If you liked Hunter’s Point of Impact, you’ll probably love the new book. The plot is compelling and Bob Lee Swagger remains the ultimate marksman/crime solver. Hunter, an avid shooter and Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist, knows his firearms, so the gunfights and other action scenes are believable, and the discussions of long-range shooting and ballistics are correct.

Stephen Hunter I SniperOne of the best things about I, Sniper is that Hunter takes on the liberal media. One character is a New York Times reporter, who is used as a foil to show the ignorance of the mainstream media about gun matters. In an interview with American Rifleman magazine, Hunter explains: “One of the themes in I, Sniper is how an extremely sophisticated news organization can make a really stupid gun error and have no idea that they’re doing it. How can you be so certain of your politics if you have such an infirm grasp of the reality of the instrument (firearms). You know, maybe if your grasp of the reality of the instrument is ludicrously incorrect, maybe your grasp of the politics of the instrument is ludicrously incorrect [also], and you want to re-examine both issues.”

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Below is Michael Bane’s DownrangeTV VIDEO Interview with Stephen Hunter:
YouTube Preview Image

If you’re thinking about buying this book, read some of the 50+ reviews on Most reviews are four-star or five-star, but some folks feel Hunter’s writing is sloppy in places and the book should have been more tightly edited. Other critics say Hunter gets “too political” in this book. This Editor believes the jabs at the liberal media are one of the book’s better features. I suspect Hunter’s viewpoints will be welcomed by most of his readers. Here are representative reader reviews from

This book is classic Bob Lee Swagger. Great read. Also, as a gun owner and 2nd Amendment supporter, I love the not-so-subtle-jabs at the liberal media and their woeful understanding of the south, gun culture, law abiding citizens who own guns legally. [Hunter] picks on the New York Times, which is hilarious and accurate. Great job Mr. Hunter.

Hunter is at his best in I, Sniper. Dialogue? Crisp, real, down to earth, and sometimes hysterically funny. Action? Have a box of Depends at the ready. Technical support? Pay attention. Reading Hunter is like taking a Master’s course in armament.

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($9.99 Paperback, $9.99 e-Book, $10.19 Audiobook, $14.30 Hardback)

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February 8th, 2010

Zeiss Diarange 2.5-10×50 on Sale for $2400.00

The innovative Zeiss 2.5-10x50mm Diarange riflescope with built-in Laser Rangefinder is now on sale at for $2400.00. That’s an amazing price — the Zeiss Victory Diarange 2.5-10x50mm normally sells for $3949.00. This represents a $1549.00 savings over the regular price — almost 40% off. ( also has the Zeiss Victory Diarange 3-12×56 T* demo models for $3,200.00 marked down from $3,999.00.)

Zeiss Diarange Sale

Zeiss Diarange has about 40 units at this price. They are offered with either Rapid Z 800 or Rapid Z 600 reticles (both illuminated). The Zeiss Diarange is a unique products that combines a very high-grade riflescope with an integrated laser rangefinder. Measuring range for the laser is from 10-999 yards, with a measuring accuracy of ± 1 yard up to 600 yards and ± 0.5 % of reading at ranges beyond 600 yards. Ranging is fast and the scope offers outstanding low-light performance.

For a hunter looking to simplify his load-out, the Diarange allows you to sight your prey and range it with one device. You can keep both hands on the rifle at all times and you can keep your muzzle on target while you’re ranging. Eurooptics’ $2400.00 price is a lot of money, to be sure, but consider that the discounted Diarange gives you a high-end scope AND a rangefinder for about the same price as a Zeiss Diavari scope by itself.

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