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February 25th, 2010

Custom Dies — The Hornady Option (Call Lonnie)

How would you like a full-length sizing die perfectly fitted to your fired brass? At one time that required you to purchase a die blank, a special undersized reamer (a chamber reamer is too big), and send the work out to a skilled gunsmith. You could expect to have $250-$350 tied up in your custom die when all was said and done.

Now Hornady’s custom shop offers a much less expensive alternative. For $121-$140, plus shipping, Hornady will produce a custom-made die based on your reamer print, spec sheet or fired brass. Lonnie Hummel and his team of skilled machinists have produced custom dies for many top shooters. Scott Parker had Hornady produce a custom full-length die for Scott’s 6BRX. Scott reports: “The die is great. I’m very impressed. The die is a perfect fit for my brass and the sized brass has very low run-out.”

Hornady’s non-bushing custom full-length sizing dies cost $121.00 for cases up to 2.60″ COAL, or $140.00 for cases 2.60″-2.99″ long. Add $20-$25.00 if you want a custom, non-micrometer seater die also. Hornaday also offers custom “match grade” bushing dies — both FL-sizing dies and bushing neck-sizers. These “match grade” (bushing-equipped) sizing dies (FL, or neck-only) cost $152.00 up to 2.60″, or $166.00 for longer dies.

To order any type of Hornady custom die (bushing or non-bushing) we recommend you send 3 or 4 fired cases along with a reamer print to Lonnie Hummel at Hornady Mfg., Box 1848, Grand Island, NE, 68802. Give Lonnie a call first at (800) 338-3220, ext. 208, to discuss design details and get an estimated delivery date.

Hornady Custom Dies

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February 25th, 2010

Casio Military-Style Wave-Ceptor Watch Just $15

Here’s a great deal if you need a precise, rugged, but very inexpensive watch. For TODAY ONLY (the next 10 hours actually), a Casio Wave-Ceptor watch with tan nylon band, is for sale at for just $14.99 plus one penny shipping. That’s right — delivered price is just $15.00. Every day, this watch updates its time setting automatically, in response to the WWVB calibration signal from the Atomic Clock Center in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

DOWNLOAD User Manual for this Wave-Ceptor Watch (PDF)

NOTE: This is a one-day special price. Sale ends 6:00 pm PST on February 25th. This watch has a daily alarm and auto calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099). Other features include water resistance to 30 meters (99 feet) and afterGlow LED electro luminescent backlight. That LED backlight is very useful. Case diameter is 38mm and the model number is WVQ140 if you want to compare pricing. Normally these watches sell for about $39.00.

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