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September 7th, 2014

Bipod Shooting and Improvised Rests for Hunters

Thomas Haugland HuntingForum member Thomas Haugland from Norway has produced an excellent video that covers practical field shooting skills for hunters. In his video, Thomas (aka ‘Roe’ on Forum and Sierra645 on YouTube) shows how to verify his zeros from bipod and he demonstrates improvised field rests from the prone, kneeling, and sitting positions.

Thomas explains: “In this video I focus on basic marksmanship techniques and making ready for this year’s hunt. As a last check before my hunting season, I got to verify everything for one last time. My trajectory is verified again, the practical precision of the rifle is verified. I also practice making do with the best [improvised] rest possible when an opportunity presents itself. After getting knocked in the face by a 338LM rifle during a previous filming session, I had to go back to basics to stop [flinching]. I include some details from bipod shooting that hopefully some hunters will find useful. Fingers crossed for this years season, good luck!”

Thomas has produced many other quality videos for his Sierra645 YouTube Channel. On his “Langholdsskyting” YouTube Channel, you’ll find 30 more nicely-made videos (in both English and Norwegian) about hunting and precision shooting.

Spectacular Scenery
Below you’ll find a great video by Thomas that demonstrates up/down angle (incline) shooting. This video features some amazing scenery from Norway along with angle estimation sequences and use of the ACI (Angle-Cosine Indicator). Even without the technical tips, this video is well worth watching just to see the jaw-dropping Norwegian scenery! Yes that’s Thomas standing on the top of the peak in the photo (above right).

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May 1st, 2014

Trick-Shooter Splits Rimfire Tracer Bullet on Machete Blade

Here’s something you’ve probably never seen before — a rimfire tracer bullet split in half on the blade of a machete. This pistol trick shot is performed by 22Plinkster, a young marksman who has posted a number of rimfire trick shot videos on YouTube. This impressive split bullet demonstration was filmed with high-speed cameras. This lets you see the bullet fly onto the machete blade in slow motion, with red tracer particles streaming behind. And then a freeze-frame clearly shows the two bullet halves after they have passed through two balloons. Check it out:

.22 Plinkster Rimfire Trick Shot Tracer ammo

CLICK HERE for More Trick Shot Videos by 22Plinkster.
CLICK HERE for More Rimfire Tracer Videos.

.22 Plinkster Rimfire Trick Shot Tracer ammo

The high-speed camera (which allows super slow-motion playback) was provided by RatedRR studios. The .22 LR tracer ammunition was provided by Piney Mountain Ammunition Company.

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September 12th, 2013

Amazing Slow-Motion Videos From Remington R&D Network

Remington The Rock R&D slow motion videoWant to watch some very cool super-slow-motion videos of projectiles drilling bugholes and blasting through stuff? Then visit, a new website featuring Remington’s R&D Center. This new site showcases videos about Remington rifles, ammunition, and testing procedures.

Along with through the obligatory “macho-man” marketing hype (delivered by deep-voiced announcers), you’ll find some truly amazing high-speed videography. Many video sequences are captured with ultra-high-speed cameras running hundreds of thousands of frames per second. This allows stunning slow-motion playback.

Remington The Rock R&D slow motion video

Remarkable High-Speed Photography Shows Bullet Performance
You can see some amazing things — bullets busting concrete blocks, smashing through wood, drilling ballistic gelatin, and tearing through skin and gel (so you can see how bullets would perform in game animals). Our favorite sequence shows five shots forming a nice, clustered group — you can actually see the bullets fly into the paper target one after another. Here are some of the video highlights.

Five Shots with .30-06 into Paper (Slow Motion)

Driving Tacks — Hitting Nailheads with Bullets (Slow Motion)

Busting Concrete Blocks with Bullets (Slow Motion)

Hypersonic Boned Ammo Shot through Skin and Gelatin (Slow Motion)

Dances with Gel (Slow Motion)

Remington 700 Features — Action and Barrels (Nice Cutaway Drawings at 0:20″)

Story tip from EdLongRange. We welcome reader submissions.
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June 25th, 2012

Steve Lee’s Feel-Good Music Videos for Gun Owners

Steve Lee I Like GunsMost of you have seen the “I Like Guns” music video by Australian singer/songwriter Steve Lee. This politically-incorrect ballad was released a couple years back, but in this election year, we thought it deserved an encore performance. In the song, Lee describes his affection for guns large and small, from revolvers to shotguns to safari rifles to .22 LR plinkers.

Lee wrote the song, in part, to draw attention to the gun restrictions in his home country of Australia. As a result of those tough gun laws, ownership of semi-automatic rifles and many types of handguns is tightly regulated down under. Consequently, some of the sequences in Lee’s pro-gun music videos have been filmed in other countries.

Steve Lee grew up in outback NSW and guns have always been a part of his life. “I never knew that people didn’t have guns when I was a kid, it just seemed like a normal, practical thing to have and shooting seemed like a normal, fun thing to do”. Now 42, Steve hasn’t slowed up and still loves guns just as much. He’s a member of his local pistol club, and enjoys nothing more than spending a weekend camping and shooting with his family and friends. His love of guns has led him all over the world from Africa to America, all places that allowed him to experience freedom with different types of guns.

On his website, Steve explains: “I really wanted … to help us reflect on the good aspects of gun ownership and remind us that guns are a part of our Australian heritage. Both my dad and my grandfather owned guns and never had any trouble.”

If you enjoyed the “I Like Guns” video, you’ll get a kick out of Steve’s recent release, “I’ve Shot Every Gun”. Steve wrote the lyrics, but the tune is based on the song “I’ve Been Everywhere’ written by Aussie Geoff Mack in 1959 and popularized by North American performers Hank Snow and Johnny Cash.

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February 18th, 2012

Werner Mehl’s Amazing Slow-Motion Videos from

A while back, Werner Mehl of produced a 10-minute video for the 2010 SHOT Show. When syndicated via YouTube, this amazing video became an internet phenomenon. It has been watched over six million times! Employing cameras recording at up to 1,000,000 (one million) frames per second, Mehl’s bullet flight video has been called “astounding”, “mesmerizing”, and a “work of art.” If you haven’t seen it yet, sit back and enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

LINK: Video System and PVM-21 Chronograph
Click the link above to learn more about Werner Mehl and his super-sophisticated camera systems that can record at 1,000,000 frames per second. On the same linked page you can learn about the advanced PVM-21 chronograph designed by Werner. Operating “all-infrared, all the time”, the PVM-21 is the best chronograph we have tested for very low light conditions, or very tricky light conditions.

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June 13th, 2011

2011 Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge Match Video

TBRC 2011This video has highlights and interviews from the 2011 Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge (TBRC) in Northern California. Some 66 shooters competed in a multi-stage event held May 27-29, 2011 by the Nor Cal Practical Precision Rifle Club (NCPPRC). You’ll see the latest tactical hardware and shooting techniques in this lengthy (35 minute) video.

The video shows bolt guns being shot from a variety of positions: prone, kneeling, sitting, standing, and off barricades. Match Director Vu Pham explains some of the more interesting courses of fire in the match. There are also interviews with many of the competitors. If you The last 10 minutes or so of the video covers the awards ceremony at the end of the match. If your time is limited, you may want to skip that section.

CLICK HERE for more TBRC 2011 photos. | Complete Match Results and Match Summary by Vu Pham.

2011 TBRC Match Results

Top 10 Overall
1. Kuehl, Francis 1,450.12 5X 100.0% 260 Rem
2. Emmons, Richard 1,228.78 3X 84.7% 6XC
3. Milkovich, Tim 1,199.00 2X 82.7% 6XC
4. Powers, Todd 1,188.35 4X 81.9% 260 Rem
5. McGinnis, Matt 1,187.00 1X 81.9% 243 Win
6. Jefferies, James 1,181.91 4X 81.5% 243 Win
7. Keim, Jason 1,181.35 3X 81.5% 243 Win
8. Denny, Jacob 1,169.15 2X 80.6% 260 Rem
9. Kerr, Ryan 1,163.42 1X 80.2% 243 Win
10. Gardner, George 1,162.85 2X 80.2% 243 Win

Special Categories
Top 308 Win Shooter: Tim Canupp, 943 0X

Top Long Range Shooter: David Skit 647 4X

Top Steel Shooter: Francis Kuehl 886.12

Fastest Shooter: Francis Kuehl 42.88 seconds

Top LE/Mil Shooter: Tim Milkovich

2011 TBRC prone with barricades

Story Tip from Edlongrange. Photo courtesy We welcome submissions by readers.
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