July 16th, 2011

CMP’s “Rusty” Kimber 82Gs Offer Good Value for the Price

If you’re looking for a low-cost “entry-level” rimfire target rifle, consider a Kimber 82G from the CMP. These have been available for quite some time, but last year the CMP sorted its Kimber 82G inventory into two categories: “Rusties” and “Cleans”. Both categories are new rifles. The rusty rifles have a minor amount of surface rust which can usually be cleaned off with just some light oil and a rag. On some of the guns there is some rust in the bolt and on the sights, which may require some work with a metal brush or steel wool. The other cosmetic flaw is that many of the rifles have a thin, scored line along the buttstock, cause by the tip of the boxcutter. That can be sanded out.

Kimber 82G from CMP

Why, you might asked, would one choose one of the “Rusties”? Well, there are more in stock, and you can save 33%. The “Rusty” model Kimbers currently sell for just $400.00, $200 less than the “clean versions”. For a family on a tight budget, looking for a junior training rifle, the more affordable “Rusty” may be the better choice. Forum member Roarke says these “Rusty” Kimbers are well worth the money. Roarke writes: “I know because I bought one of these for $400, as opposed to $600 for the non-rusty, and it looks absolutely brand new.”

Kimber 82G from CMP

Forum member Michael L. (aka Chief 1018) concurs that his “Rusty” Kimber has been a great purchase: “I purchased a ‘Rusty’ from the CMP last year. No rust, but a lot of preservative. As you’ve probably read in the CMP forums, the bolt internals may be a little rusty/fouled. I immersed mine in WD-40 in a Zip-loc for a couple of days while I cleaned up the rifle. The oil turned brownish, but when I tore it down it was bright and clean. I think some of the ‘rust’ may be dried up preservative. It had the ‘signature’ box-cutter slice but that sanded out when I stripped, sanded, and tung-oiled the entire stock. The stock has very nice walnut with some dark figuring. The gun shoots great! The adjustable trigger is excellent.”

Roy Bertallato Reviews Kimber 82G
If you want to learn more about the Kimber 82Gs, Forum member Roy Bertallato has written an excellent article about his Kimber 82G from the CMP. Like many others, Roy couldn’t resist the $400.00 price, so he ordered one of the “Rusties”. Yes there was some light rust on small parts, but otherwise Roy was more than happy with his purchase:

“Sure enough, for $200 less, you can get a Kimber 82G RUSTY. I check out the qualifications and I had everything I needed in the way of qualifications so I decided to buy one. For $400, how bad could it be? Like anyone, I was VERY concerned that I’d get something that looked like it came out of the hold of a battle ship.” Roy’s fears proved unfounded: “There was just a very little bit of surface rust on the bottom [of the bolt]. Everything else you see that might appear to be rust is some type of red-yellow preservative. The action has zero rust, just some more nasty preservative. The bore is pristine! The rifle was stored with a paper straw in the bore saturated with some kind of oil.”

Kimber 82G from CMP

“The Kimber 82G is quite a rifle. It is a very heavy barrel, single shot, bolt action. It is supplied from the CMP with a fantastic set of target sights (worth a couple hundred dollars themselves), a heavy target stock with an adjustable butt plate for younger shooters, full instructions etc. Brand new, never fired rifles. I bought a beautiful Kimber sporter stock off Ebay and the action fits right into it.”

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