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July 27th, 2011

All-Female Team Competes in Randle Trophy Match

The Randle Trophy match is smallbore international postal match with women competitors only. The Randle Trophy match was shot July 26th at Camp Perry immediately after the Dewar Trophy match. The course of fire for the match is a Dewar Course, where each shooter fires 20 shots at both 50 and 100 yards in the prone position. Below is a slide show with photos of the match.

Started in 1952 for International Women’s Team Competition in memory of former NRA President Thurman Randle, participating teams must be from an English-speaking country and field a team of 10 firing members, two alternate shooters, a captain, and a coach. Earning a position on the U.S. team is not easy, members must be one of the 12 top-scoring shooters in the Metallic Sight Aggregate competition at Perry to be invited. Below are the talented members of the 2011 Randle Trophy Team.

Randle Team 2011

Story by K. Jillson, courtesy the NRA Blog.
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July 27th, 2011

Steiner Offers Rebates on Binoculars

This Editor has used Steiner binoculars in the field. I believe Steiner’s standard-size models are excellent optics for the price. And now that price is even more attractive. Starting August 1, 2011 and running through Dec. 31, 2011, Steiner is offering rebates on binoculars. Rebates range from $25 to $100, depending on the model. To get your rebate, purchase a qualifying product through an authorized dealer, then (no later than 1/31/2012) mail in a rebate certificate along with sales receipt and UPC barcode. Checks will be received from Steiner within eight to 10 weeks of receipt.

Qualifying Steiner Binoculars and Rebates

10×50 Nighthunter XP, 12×56 Nighthunter XP, 7×50 Commander XP C, 8×44 Peregrine XP and 10×44 Peregrine XP.

8×42 Nighthunter XP, 10×42 Nighthunter XP, 8×56 Nighthunter XP and 10×56 Nighthunter XP.

8×42 Merlin, 10×42 Merlin, 10×50 Merlin, 7×30 Navigator Pro C, 7×50 Observer C, 7×50 Commander XP and the 10×50 Military/Marine.

8×32 Merlin.

8×30 Military/Marine, 8×30 Predator Pro, 12×40 Predator Pro, 8.5×26 Wildlife Pro, 10.5×28 Wildlife Pro, 8×30 Wildlife Pro CF, 8×30 Safari Pro, 7×50 Marine, and the 8×30 Navigator.

8×22 Predator Pro X, 10×26 Predator Pro X, 8×42 Predator Xtreme and the 10×42 Predator Xtreme.

Steiner 8×30 Military/Marine — Field Report
In May, your Editor was in New Mexico, on a prairie dog expedition. While in the field, I used Steiner 8x30mm Military/Marine binoculars to spot the critters. I came away very impressed with these Steiners. The glass is bright and super-sharp. These binoculars offer both right and left diopters. And Steiner’s rapid focus system really works! You don’t have to constantly fiddle with focus — everything past about 20 yards is in sharp focus all the time. I could see blades of grass and other details better with the 8X Steiners than with the 20X Leupold on my rifle. After three days in the prairie dog fields I can recommend the Steiner 8×30 M/Ms without hesitation. As Steiner owner Steve West recently posted on Steiner’s facebook page regarding his Steiner Predator Extremes: “They are as good as advertised. The best value in binoculars today… German optics for American blue collar prices. Can’t beat that deal.”

Steiner 8×30 Military/Marine Binocs are Just $229.99 has the Steiner 8×30 Military/Marine for just $229.99, with free shipping. The rebate (avail. August 1st) knocks the price down to $199.99. That’s a great deal! The 10×50 Steiner Military/Marine is also offered on It has more magnification and better low-light performance. However, it currently runs about $499.00, or $449.99 after rebate. Even with the $50.00 rebate, the 10×50 is twice as expensive as the 8×30. For value, the 8×30 is the smart choice.

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