July 17th, 2011

Ammo Sale and $5.00 Shipping Promotion at Cabelas.com

Cabelas.com is currently running an Ammo Sale, with prices on some items are reduced up to 30%. In addition, now through July 19th, mechandise orders of $150.00 or more can be shipped for just $5.00. (Note, this does NOT apply to firearms sales,there may be additional charges for heavy items, and gift card purchases don’t qualify.) Some of the better deals are listed below:

  • Federal 7.62×51 (.308 Win) Gold Medal Match
    Loaded with 175gr Sierra Match Kings
    Item: IK-218116, $21.99 on Sale (20 rounds)
  • Federal 5.56 NATO Ammunition with Ammo Can
    Loaded (on stripper clips) with 62gr green-tip bullets
    Item: IK-218085, $150.99 on Sale (420 rounds)
  • Federal American Eagle .40 S&W with Ammo Can
    Loaded with 165gr FMJ bullets
    Item: IK-218023, $129.99 on Sale