October 30th, 2015

Great Britain F-Class Association Marks 10-Year Anniversary

Bisley F-Class England Great Britain GBFCA
Sometimes it gets a bit frosty in the morning at Bisley, but that doesn’t discourage British F-Class competitors. This photo is from the inaugural F-Class League event in November, 2005.

While American F-Class shooters are enjoying Arizona warmth and sunshine, British F-Classers are preparing for cooler conditions at the Bisley Range in England. The Great Britain F-Class Association (GBFCA) will be holding its 10th Anniversary shoot this weekend. The League’s Anniversary Match will be held at Bisley this Saturday and Sunday with targets at 800, 900, and 1000 yards. Results straight from the firing-point will be posted on the Target Shooter magazine’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/TargetShooter.

Great Britain F-Class Association – 10th Anniversary Shoot
Report by Vince Bottomley
We Brits were quick to catch on to a new long-range Canadian shooting discipline called F-Class and two Brit Teams contested the very first F-Class Worlds in Canada in 2001. Four years later a GB Team again shot in the second F-Class Worlds, this time in South Africa. In the rest of the world, F-Class was moving forward and, if the Brits were to be serious contenders, something needed to be done.

On their return from South Africa, Mik Maksimovic and Scotsman Des Parr put the word out that anyone interested was invited to attend the inaugural shoot of the newly- formed Great Britain F-Class Association in 2005. Forty-four of us turned up on that cold November day in 2005 (see photo below) and Mik explained that he wanted to build a team to take on the rest of the world when the F-Class World Championships would be held at Bisley, England in 2009. For the record, the Brits went on to win Gold in the 2009 Worlds – Job done Mik!

Bisley F-Class England Great Britain GBFCA

In the last ten years, the GBFCA League has grown, with an annual programme of well attended long-range shoots held at three British ranges. From the League, the European F-Class Championships have emerged. Thanks to Mik’s drive and energy, this fabulous event now attracts around 200 shooters from all parts of Europe and is perhaps the largest international F-Class competition in the world.

The GBFCA will celebrate its tenth year of operation this weekend, with an 800/900/1000 yard match at the Bisley Range.

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