March 29th, 2007

Butch Lambert's Co-Axial Rest Top

Butch Lambert has been developing his ShadeTree Engineering Co-Axial rest top over the past couple of years. He’s made a variety of enhancements, making the unit smoother in its motion. Joystick “feel” can be adjusted according to personal choice and weight of rifle. He also now offers a longer joy-stick option for prone and F-Class shooters. The current unit fits most popular quality front rest bases including those from Bald Eagle, Hart, and Sinclair (all 3/4″ center post). Butch can also adapt the rest to a MidwayUSA Caldwell BR base with a 1″ diameter center post. Butch sent us these photos recently, showing his top fitted to a Bald Eagle slingshot base. The ShadeTree Coaxial Rest top costs $375.00 (sandbag extra). Call Butch at (972) 524-2247 for current costs to adapt his top for use with the green Caldwell 1000-yard bases, which are available separately from MidwayUSA for $70.99 (item 532194).

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