April 15th, 2009

New Portable F-Class Front Rest from Butch Lambert

Butch Lambert of Shadetree Engineering & Accuracy has come up with a very impressive new lightweight, break-down front rest base for F-Class shooters. Built primarily of anodized aluminum, the new rest base weighs just about 3 pounds. It can accept a variety of rest tops, including the Shadetree Joystick Top shown below (this omnidirectional top retails for $375.00 plus shipping).

Lambert Shadetree Eng. F-Class rest

Lambert Shadetree Eng. F-Class rest

We like this product and we predict it will become popular with F-Classers as well as varminters looking for a solid front rest that is light to carry and easily stowed. The fact that the rest base breaks down into small components is a big plus for shooters who must travel by air. Over the past year, the airlines have imposed very high fees for extra checked luggage–in some cases as much as $120.00 per bag! With the new Shadetree base, you can easily disassemble the unit into smaller parts that could even be stowed in a carry-on bag. Kudos to Butch Lambert for this innovative new design. To learn more about price and availability of the F-Class rest base, call Butch at (972) 524-2247 or email papawlambert [at] starband.net.

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