March 28th, 2007

New Big and Small Chamfering Tools from K&M

Many reloaders like the K&M neck-chamfering tool, because it cuts a very gentle entry angle compared to the typical 45° inside chamferer. The K&M tool is well-made and the cutting flutes are very sharp. However, previous versions tended to rock a little if you weren’t careful, and the cutter was a bit big for the small cases (17s and 20s). K&M has now introduced two new neck chamferers, a small 3-flute tool for 17 Cal to 6mm, and a large 6-flute unit for 6mm to .338 Cal. Both chamferers now feature a center shaft that goes through the flash hole to keep the case in alignment and eliminate cutter wobble. That’s a smart improvement–an example of a toolmaker taking a good product and making it even better. With either tool, the three “fingers” serve as an index stop on the case mouth. You can move the cutter shaft inwards and outwards to adjust the amount of reaming, and then lock the cutter in place with the black knob. This tool is available from Russ Haydon’s Shooters Supply and for about $24.00. Note: you may have to turn down the tip of the centering shaft to fit unreamed BR and PPC flash-holes.

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