April 22nd, 2007

Patch-Out from Makers of Wipe-Out

Regular readers of this website will know that we are big fans of Wipe-Out™ from SharpShoot-R™ Precision Products. Wipe-Out™ really works, and can save countless hours of cleaning, plus reduce wear and tear on your barrels. (Click HERE for related article.) The only shortcoming of Wipe-Out™ foam cleaner is that you’ll need to wait an hour or more to get the best cleaning results. This editor’s barrels like two applications of Wipe-Out with four hours total dwell time. Terry Paul, inventor of Wipe-Out™, has come up with a solution for shooters who want the benefits of Wipe-Out™ without the extended wait time.

Paul Patch-Out cleanerTerry’s new Patch-Out™ product is a non-petroleum-based liquid solvent that is effective on carbon and copper fouling. It does the job with just 15-25 minutes of soak time in the barrel. Unlike many other solvents, it does not leave a gummy residue in your barrel, and it doesn’t have to be “neutralized” after use.

Patch-Out™, as the name indicates, is applied with wet cotton patches. You can also use a brush, but you’ll probably find that you’ll get excellent results with only minimal brushing. After applying Patch-Out™, and letting it soak for 15-25 minutes, just use a dry patch. Because Patch-Out™ has a rust inhibitor, you don’t need to follow up with oil. Patch-Out™ is also safe to leave in your barrel overnight, just like Wipe-Out™. There is some evidence that, if you use a non-petroleum-based solvent such as Patch-Out™ and no oil, you can shoot more rounds through your barrel before a stubborn carbon ring will form just ahead of the throat. This is because that carbon ring is actually created, in part, from the “burn-off” of petroleum-based solvents and lubes. Patch-Out™ will be available from major suppliers including Brownells, MidwayUSA, and Midsouth Shooters Supply.

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