April 12th, 2008

Wipe-Out Now Offers Tube and Breech Plug

Regular readers of this website know that we are big fans of Wipe-Out brushless bore cleaner. A good 3-4 hour soak with Wipe-Out (after a few wet patches to remove the loose carbon), may be all the cleaning your barrel needs. Some barrels DO benefit from moderate brushing, but Wipe-Out is remarkably effective, and can save you countless hours of labor over the course of a shooting season.

Wipeout foam bore cleaner

Wipe-Out, from SharpShoot-R™ Precision Products, comes in a can with a nozzle to spray directly into the muzzle. Some folks prefer to apply Wipe-Out through the breech — that way excess foam drips off the end of the barrel and doesn’t get into your action or on your stock. Now SharpShoot-R offers an inexpensive Applicator Spout tube that allows you to squirt foam from the breech. Costing just $2.50 (MSRP), the tube fits calibers from 17-Cal and up, sealing the chamber with a special fitting. The other end of the tube fits snuggly on the spray nozzle.

Wipe-Out Allows More Shooting, Less Cleaning
This editor’s cleaning regimen for a 6BR with 3-groove Pac-Nor barrel, is 3-4 wet patches of solvent (Butch’s, Carb-Out, or Shooter’s Choice), followed by Wipe-Out. I apply the Wipe-Out once, filling the bore, then wait 30 minutes or so for the bubbles to settle. Then I re-apply Wipe-Out, wait 3-4 hours, and dry-patch. That’s it. No brushing, no JB.

When the Pac-Nor was brand new, in windless conditions, this gun shot high ones (with 80s) and low twos (with 105s). Now, with 700 rounds on the barrel, it still holds that accuracy, and there has never been a brush in the bore–not even a nylon one. The throat has only advanced about .004″. Not all barrels are so magical, however. YOUR barrel may certainly require a more aggressive cleaning routine, including brushing, but you’ll still find that Wipe-Out can save you time and energy.

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