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April 19th, 2008

Precise Case Trimming without a Micrometer

Do you have a Wilson case trimmer but can’t afford the $84.00 to add the handy Micrometer upgrade (Sinclair Int’l item 05-4500)? Well Boyd Allen has come up with a clever use of a standard set of calipers that lets you set the cut length precisely within .001″. Just open the jaws of your caliper and put one jaw on the outboard end of the ring (with set screw) that holds the threaded length-adjusting rod. Set the other caliper jaw on the flat face at the end of the threaded rod that contacts the case rim. If you have a sample case set to the correct cut length, use that to set the position of the threaded rod. Then use your calipers to measure that length. This way you can repeat the cut length each time, or adjust the trimmed case precisely in .001″ increments.

If you change from one cartridge to another, just use your calipers to re-set the desired cut length. Alternatively, ReedG notes you can use the inside caliper jaws and measure directly from the end of the threaded rod to the cutter face. That’s a bit trickier, but it measures actual trim length.

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April 19th, 2008

Nosler Reloading Guide #6 on Sale

The much-anticipated Nosler Reloading Guide Number Six is now on sale for $19.95 at Powder Valley. The Nosler Guide has long been considered one of the better reloading guides in print, with good coverage of basic reloading techniques. The greatly expanded 6th edition features 848 pages of information, covering 117 cartridges. You’ll find freshly-fired data for the entire line of Nosler bullets, as well as data for many of the popular, new factory cartridges. Load data for each cartridge is presented in a graphic format, with starting, intermediate and maximum loads for each powder (and bullet weight) listed. Nosler’s system uses a simple, easy-to-read bar graphs to show velocity variation between powders.

Nosler introduces each cartridge section with personal commentaries and tips from some of the world’s best-known hunters, shooters and writers. This knowledgeable advice supplements the “raw data”, helping you select the right bullet and powder for your particular application. Nosler also offers “Comments From the Lab” for many cartridges. These Lab Comments, written by the Nosler ballistics team, assist in working up accurate, effective loads.

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