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April 13th, 2008

Swampworks Revives JLK Bullet Designs

Jimmy Knox may have retired, but his high-performance bullet designs are still available for competitive shooters. The JLK line of projectiles is now produced by Swampworks Inc., which acquired Jimmy’s dies and components.

Swampworks’ Owner, Steve “Swampy” Milholland, tells us: “We are in regular production now of new bullets in the most popular calibers. These bullets are produced with the SAME tooling, the SAME bullet forming dies, and the SAME quality components from the same suppliers. We are producing the ‘new’ bullets on the old designs one batch at a time, based on demand.” We’ve heard good reports about the Swampworks JLK bullets, particularly the 6mm 105gr VLD and 6.5mm, 130gr VLD.

Here are current prices on some popular JLK Bullets:

.224 75gr VLD 250-count $62.00
.224 80gr VLD 250-count $62.75
6mm 105gr VLD 200-count $58.30
.257 108gr VLD 200-count $62.30
6.5mm 130gr VLD 150-count $48.90
7mm 180gr VLD 125-count $47.00
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April 13th, 2008

Ruger & MidwayUSA Offer Industry Jobs

The NSSF’s online Jobs Board lists a number of available jobs with gun and outdoors industry employers. Some very interesting positions were recently listed.

Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Marketing Director

Ruger is looking for a new . Marketing Director. This is a six-figure job with responsibility for creating marketing plans for Rugers pistols, rifles and shotguns. The job is based in Southport, CT at the main Sturm, Ruger & Co., headquarters. According to Ruger: “The Director of Marketing is responsible for driving demand for Ruger products with both Consumers and our trade partners. The ideal candidate will be one who understands the passion that our customers have for shooting sports and hunting and finds new and novel ways to communicate and promote the Ruger brand and products.”

Editor’s Comment — What Ruger Really Needs
Given the way the gun industry works, we expect Ruger will take the “safe and easy” route — i.e. make a lateral hire of a “seasoned” marketing guy from another gun maker. In so doing, Ruger will probably hire an industry “old hand” who doesn’t have much creativity, and who has out-worn his stay at his current company. We think Ruger would be better served by hiring someone who can bring a truly new approach to Ruger’s marketing and product development.

Ruger needs someone who can speak with candor and deliver fresh ideas. Ruger has “missed the boat” on many of the most important trends in the shooting market. They didn’t produce rifles for the cowboy action market, they have nothing for the tactical and precision rifle markets, and, most importantly, they don’t have any products that can generate large, lucrative military contracts. In the last year, Ruger has lost 68% of its stock value. It’s time for a serious shake-up in Southport. This should begin with a new Marketing Director who can bring new ideas to the table, one who’s willing to “knock heads” with the old guard. Ruger’s current product lines need to be improved and revamped if it hopes to retain market share in the decades ahead.

Gunsmith & Technical Writer

MidwayUSA has an opening for Gunsmith & Technical Writer. For many of our readers, this would be a dream job. You would be directly involved with TV shows that show the fine points of reloading and shooting to a nationwide audience. MidwayUSA notes: “As a Gunsmith & Technical Writer, you will be responsible for working on a variety of gunsmithing projects for all MidwayUSA commercials, vignettes, and advertisements. You’ll play a pivotal role in scripting the gunsmithing projects seen on Wednesday Night at the Range.”

In addition to the gunsmith/writer job, MidwayUSA is looking for an Internet (web) Marketing Specialist. This person will be responsible for running internet ad campaigns, and promoting inbound links to the Midway website. This should be an exciting job for a web-savvy person with an interest in firearms and new media. The job requires good communication skills, but you do NOT have to be a programmer — that work is done by someone else.

If you are interested in either position, forward your resume and cover letter detailing your experience to or call (573) 447-5135 for more info.

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