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April 22nd, 2008

GA Precision Offers New 'Templar' Harrison-Built Action

George Gardner of GA Precision has started building custom rifles with a new action designed and crafted by Glen Harrison of Phoenix Machine LLC, in Montana. Harrison, the founder of Nesika Bay, is highly regarded as an action designer and machinist. His new actions are built with state-of-the-art methods, including EDM machining. GA Precision will not be selling the actions separately to customers, but will offer them in rifle upgrades and complete rifle builds.

GA Precision Harrison action

Gardner notes: “The new GAP ‘Templar’ Short and Long actions will be replacing our GA 7000 action. The specs are generally the same as the former action however the new ‘Templar’ actions feature various upgrades and design improvements”:

● The tang is thicker but radiused so it still fits a Model 700 style stock.
● There is 20% more engagement for camming and unlocking.
● The bolt raceway is EDM-machined rather than broached.
● The recoil lug is double-pinned.
● The bolt stop has been changed to the GAP/Nesika Style.

GA Precision Harrison action

Later in the year, George says, GA Precision plans to offer a 100% one-piece bolt with the new Templar actions. How do the new Harrison-built actions perform? Glen Seekins of reports: “I just built a rifle with one of Glen’s actions (virtually the same as the GA Precision Templar) and they are very, very nice.”

GA Precision offers both custom rifle building services as well as complete rifles. GA Precision has already shipped a few “Crusader” tactical rifles, shown below, built with the new Templar action, with a durable CeraKote finish. The complete rifle costs $3525.00 including Badger rings, scope base, and detachable mag system, but without optics.

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April 22nd, 2008

Manners Ultra-Light Hunting Stock

Tom Manners Carbon Fiber StockMany readers have asked where they can find a high-quality, extremely light-weight hunting stock suitable for a “walk-around” varminter. One impressive option is Tom Manners’ Carbon Fiber MCS-UL (UltraLight). Weighing just 1.55 pounds, the Manners’ UltraLight is built to Benchrest standards. Despite its minimal weight, the stock is strong and very rigid–because it is basically a seamless shell. The only cuts in the shell are for the action pillars and bolt handle. Both the 1.75″-wide fore-arm and pistol grip area have a molded-in textured surface for better grip.

Tom Manners Carbon Fiber Hunting Stock

The MCS-UL is priced at $495 (before options), and is currently available only with a Rem 700 inlet. This will fit Rem 700 actions or clones such as the Lawton 7000 and Stiller Predator. Available finishes include clear-coat or polyurethane paint in black, gray, or olive. If you want to “show off” that handsome carbon shell, go with the clear-coat. For more details, contact Manners Composite Stocks, (816) 210-8108.

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April 22nd, 2008

Washington State Provides Funding for Gun Ranges

Through its Shooting Range Program, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) offers supplemental funding to shooting facilities. Approximately $50,000 in competitive grants are expected to be awarded this year (2008), with individual awards ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. Shooting clubs and range operators have until June 30, 2008 to apply for federally-funded grants that can be used to construct, maintain, or expand public shooting-range facilities in Washington state.

The Shooting Range Program, established in 2002, supports development of not-for-profit shooting ranges with proceeds from the federal excise tax on archery equipment and firearms. Designed to help shooting ranges pay for construction or other building expenses, the program is managed on a reimbursement basis. Successful applicants are required to pay for construction and materials and are then reimbursed for up to 75% of the cost. The remaining 25% requires local matching money.

Applicants must complete a detailed application, including information on public range use, an environmental review, program narrative, user fees and charges. Information and applications for the grants are available through the WDFW website, or by contacting the Hunter Education program at (360) 902-8111,or

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