April 22nd, 2008

Manners Ultra-Light Hunting Stock

Tom Manners Carbon Fiber StockMany readers have asked where they can find a high-quality, extremely light-weight hunting stock suitable for a “walk-around” varminter. One impressive option is Tom Manners’ Carbon Fiber MCS-UL (UltraLight). Weighing just 1.55 pounds, the Manners’ UltraLight is built to Benchrest standards. Despite its minimal weight, the stock is strong and very rigid–because it is basically a seamless shell. The only cuts in the shell are for the action pillars and bolt handle. Both the 1.75″-wide fore-arm and pistol grip area have a molded-in textured surface for better grip.

Tom Manners Carbon Fiber Hunting Stock

The MCS-UL is priced at $495 (before options), and is currently available only with a Rem 700 inlet. This will fit Rem 700 actions or clones such as the Lawton 7000 and Stiller Predator. Available finishes include clear-coat or polyurethane paint in black, gray, or olive. If you want to “show off” that handsome carbon shell, go with the clear-coat. For more details, contact Manners Composite Stocks, (816) 210-8108.

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