March 20th, 2008

EVENT CALENDAR — Send Us Your Listings

Please send in your events for the Calendar. We have about 40 event listings and we’d like to triple that number. While we don’t have the resources/space to put in all clubs’ regular monthly events, we want to include:

A. Major National and Regional Championships
B. Popular Special Competitions and fun shoots, such as Hickory Groundhog Shoot
C. Interesting Special Events, such as Industry Trade shows, BR school, or multi-discipline shoot.

Please provide a 100-word summary of event with dates, cost, list of classes (gun types), and a phone # and web link for further information.

Send Photos and Range Maps
Our Calendar software allows us to display photos, club logos, or range maps, so you can attach those to your submissions. Please send your calendar items to: . Please put “EVENT” in the email subject line. Thanks!

We reserve the right to edit any entries.

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