March 6th, 2008

New Badger Action Stirs Interest

Our report on the new M2008 custom action from Badger Ordnance created quite a stir. Badger’s Marty Bordson says his phone has been ringing off the hook. We provided details of the action in our March 1st Daily Bulletin. Marty told us that he’s recently tested a prototype action, placed in an Accuracy Int’l Chassis. Here’s a video of that test session:

We spoke to Marty today, and he wanted to explain a couple of points, addressing questions he’s received from callers. First, the bolt uses an M16 style extractor. Second, the Picatinny rail will be longer than the one shown in the prototype. The rail is attached to the action via four screws and two pins.

Marty said: “We originally considered milling the rail as an integral part of the receiver, but this way, the customer has a choice of flat or angled rail. And if you change your scope and need more elevation, you can change the rail to fit your new requirements.”

Many folks had questions about the extended “abutments” for the action screws. Marty explained that the abutments provide enhanced thread contact for the action screws. Marty noted that some factory actions have only four or five threads in actual contact with the action screws.

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