May 7th, 2008

MidwayUSA Starts Shooting Sports Foundation–Potterfields Donate $500K+

Larry and Brenda Potterfield of MidwayUSA recently established the MidwayUSA Foundation, a not-for-profit public foundation designed to provide financial support for education and training in the areas of shooting, hunting, firearms safety and outdoor skills.

Larry Potterfield MidwayUSA

The Potterfields donated over half a million dollars as the first donation to the Foundation. “New shooters are the lifeblood of our industry,” said Larry Potterfield, President of MidwayUSA, a catalog and internet retailer of shooting and hunting products. “Bringing new shooters into the sport is critical to the future of the shooting sports.”

To this end, the Foundation’s first endowment is the Scholastic Shooting Trust (SST) Fund. Via the SST fund, an alumnus (or other interested party), can make a donation to a particular high school or college program. That donation will be used to support the designated school’s existing shooting program or to help launch a shooting program.

“Here is how the program works,” continued Potterfield. “I just used the Foundation Website to make a donation for the University of Missouri’s Shooting Team. A portion of the donation will be contributed to the Shooting Team, with the remainder left as endowment principal. Every year in perpetuity, the Shooting Team will receive earnings from the principal to use for the team’s operating expenses.” Contributions to the SST Fund can be made through the Fund’s website at

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