July 14th, 2008

Boatload of .223 Prvi Partizan 75gr Match Ammo Arrives

Site Contributor Danny Reever has tested the bargain-priced PRVI Partizan .223 factory ammo in his 7-twist Sig 556 and AR15. He gives it a definite “thumbs-up”. Danny reports: “You should try some of the Prvi Partizan 75gr Match ammo. I was really surprised. This stuff shoots great. At 100 yards it delivered one MOA, easy, with my Sig 556. With a custom match rifle it might do even better. This is great ammo for the price, with quality brass, all boxer-primed and reloadable.”

200 rounds for $85.00 at Wideners
Wideners.com recently received large supplies of the Prvi Partizan 75gr .223 Match ammo. “This ammo is just off the boat! Brand new 2008 production that we received last week after clearing US Customs on July 2nd.” Price is $85.00 for 200 rounds (10 x 20-ct boxes), or $419.00 for 1000 rounds. The 1000-round price works out to $8.38 per 20 rounds.

Other companies have the same ammo, but it is priced higher right now. Aim Surplus has the ammo at $89.50/200 rounds, while Grafs.com is selling it for $10.99/box (shipping included, item PPA223MATCH).

Stan Widener tested the ammo and reports: “After firing, the brass was very clean and there was very little residue on the bolt carrier. Very clean powder. The ammo is made with MILAN BLAGOJEVIC powder and GINEX primers. There were no failures or misfeeds of any kind. All rounds functioned perfectly. The cases are very bright and shiny with military anneal mark.” An 8-twist or faster barrel is recommended for this 75gr Prvi Partizan ammo.

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