July 15th, 2008

Miculek Provides Pro Tips for Wheelgunners

Champion shooter Jerry Miculek is widely acknowledged as the finest competitive revolver shooter in the world. His exploits with Smith & Wesson wheelguns are legendary. Jerry has competed against talented semi-auto shooters and beat them straight-up on a timed, speed-shooting course, including multiple reloads. When it comes to revolver shooting, if you want to learn from a true master, Miculek is the man.

Jerry Miculek Revolver video


Jerry “stars” in an excellent series of videos that cover all important aspects of Wheelgun Shooting: Revolver Grip, Reloading, Trigger Control, The Draw, Stance, and Target Acquisition. These six video clips are presented together on a dedicated page, so you can watch them all in sequence. We’re sure you’ll want to stop and “rewind” at points though. Jerry gives very clear and effective instructions, but he can shoot so fast, you’ll sometimes want to re-play his demos. A high-speed internet connection is recommended.

You can also read transcripts of Jerry’s Video lessons on the Shooting USA website. There are six separate web pages, each dedicated to a particular topic: Reloading, Grip, Draw, Stance, Target Acquisition, and Trigger Control. Each page features multiple photos accompanied by Miculek’s specific shooting tips.

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