July 1st, 2008

New Dual-Mode Reactive Steel Targets

Kurt Stone of LV Steel Targets has developed a new series of Steel Silhouette targets that offer multiple options for the shooter. The new design features a central, circular “target within a target.” Shown in the photo below, the green center circle (either 7.5″ or 6″ in diameter) will swing back when hit, then reset itself. Kurt also offers silhouettes with a black paddle plate at the top right or left. This can be used to simulate “hostage” scenarios.

LV Steel Targets

We like the model 19C, a 25″ x 15″ silhouette plate with 6″-diameter center circle target. The silhouette plate is large enough to allow you to get zeroed at 500-700 yards, and then you can shoot at the center circle for a more challenging test of accuracy. At 600 yards the center circle (painted green in the photos) is 1 MOA. That’s a nice size that rewards a good shooter (and accurate rifle) at long range. The model 19C ranges in price from $205.00 to $270.00 depending on steel thickness (3/8″ to 5/8″). This same design is offered in model 18C with a 7.5″ center on a 30″ x 18″ steel silhouette.

LV Steel Targets

LV Steel Targets offers a wide variety of other hardened steel targets including spring-loaded silhouettes and “poppers”, plus gongs and swingers of all sizes.

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