August 12th, 2009

Wow, the Girl Can Shoot — Gallagher Destroys High Power Record

Sherri GallagherU.S. Army SPC Sherri Gallagher just set a new national record (and National Matches record) of 800-53x in an 800 point match for the Vandenburg Cup. She broke the old record set by Troy Lawton by 15 Xs. Way to go girl! Remarkably, in 2009, Gallagher has set six (6) national records. In June, Gallagher broke the oldest record in High Power shooting: the 1000-point Aggregate. Gallagher shot a 999-66x to win the Remington-Bushmaster Open, breaking Eric England’s 41-year-old record of a 998-45x.

In other Camp Perry news, here are scores from today’s Army Cup, Navy Cup, and Coast Guard Trophy Matches. Note Sherri Gallagher also won the Army Cup with an impressive 200-18X.

Army Cup: 20 shots at 600 yd, slow fire, prone
Sherri Gallagher – 200-18x
Stephen Culpepper – 200-16x
Ronald Zerr – 200-13x
Hugo Adelson – 200-13x

Navy Cup: 20 shots at 200 yd, slow fire, standing
Carl Bernosky – 199-6x
Lance Hopper – 198-9x
Stephen Culpepper – 196-5x
Troy Lawton – 196-5x

Coast Guard Trophy: 20 shots at 200 yd, rapid fire, sitting/kneeling
Dennis Demille – 200-17x
David Tubb – 200-16x
Joel Micholick – 200-16x
Kevin Trickett – 200-16x

Navy Cup Match Camp Perry

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