August 7th, 2012

NRA High Power Championship Events Commence Today

Report by By Kyle Jillson for the NRA Blog
Four days of NRA individual High Power shooting began this morning as shooters started their long race for the prestigious Mumma Trophy. Weather is slated to be another perfect day with clear skies and temperatures not getting too hot. In 2011, Carl Bernosky won his ninth High Power title after shooting a 2393-160X. Will Carl make it an even ten this year? Maybe a new shooter will take top spot on the podium in 2012?

Carl Bernosky High Power Camp Perry

Today’s matches are the NRA Member’s Trophy, Scott Trophy, and Coast Artillery Trophy. The Scott Trophy Match is shot rapid fire from 200 yards in the sitting/kneeling position while the Coast Artillery Match is a 300-yard rapid-fire event shot prone. The Member’s Trophy match is shot slow fire from 200 yards in the standing position.

Early Match Results
The preliminary results for the Member Trophy and Scott Trophy matches are in. The first and second relays for the three matches are all wrapped up. Previous High Power National Champions Sherri Gallagher (2010), Carl Bernosky (2011) and David Tubb (most recent 2003) all took part in relay one. The results posted below are preliminary. The scores for relays three and four are still be recorded and tabulated at this time. With all matches expected to end around 3:00 pm, the NRA Blog will provide updates from the NRA High Power Championships in Camp Perry as they become available.

Members Trophy Match
1. Sherri Gallagher 199-5X
2. Carl Bernosky 198-9X
3. Tyrel Cooper 198-5X
4. Gus Dunfey 198-5X
5. Brandon Green 197-10X
Scott Trophy Match
1. Carl Bernosky 200-18X
2. David Tubb 200-18X
3. Sara Rozanski 200-16X
4. Tyrel Cooper 200-15X
5. Rodrigo Rosa 200-14X

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