August 17th, 2012

Cartridges of the World, 13th Ed., Coming Soon (with Bonus CD)

Cartridges of the World 13th EditionThe updated and enhanced 13th Edition of Cartridges of the World, will be released September 7th. This important reference can now be pre-ordered through for $19.75. Cartridges of the World, the most widely-read cartridge reference book, is now even more comprehensive, with 55 new cartridges added since the last edition. The 13th Edition now contains descriptions of over 1500 cartridges including popular wildcats and the new offerings for AR-platform rifles.

The 13th Edition of Cartridges of the World (ISBN: 9781440230592) includes updated cartridge specs, plus essays by leading writers on the topics of SAAMI guidelines, wildcatting, and new cartridge design trends. Cartridges of the World is the most authoritative cartridge reference guide in print. If you are a cartridge collector or are interested in the history of cartridge development, this book is a “must-have” resource.

Bonus CD for Old and Obsolete Cartridges
For the first time, Cartridges of the World now comes with a bonus CD. The publishers explain: “While this newest and most comprehensive 13th Edition, just like its predecessors, contains information on many rounds that are no longer in production, we made room for new rounds by compiling data on the esoteric, odd, and truly obsolete and moving them to this bonus CD. Best of all, the CD is FREE with your purchase of this completely updated volume.”

Cartridges of the World by author Frank C. Barnes was first published in 1965. The 13th Edition is edited by Richard Mann, a contributing editor for Shooting Illustrated and American Rifleman magazines. Frank Barnes (1918-1992) began collecting information on handgun cartridges at the early age of 12, thanks to his father, a police officer. Frank Barnes was an innovative cartridge designer, who invented the original 308 x 1.5″ Barnes, predecessor of the 30BR case. Before Frank began a law enforcement career, he was a college professor. Frank was also a pilot, and a race-car driver. Learn more about Cartridges of the World (13th Ed.) at