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August 10th, 2012

Individual High Power Championship — It’s Down to X-Count

Story based on report by Kyle Jillson in the NRA Blog
Today, Friday August 10th, is the last day of the NRA Individual High Power Championships. Heading into the last day, Carl Bernosky (2011 Champ) and SGT Sherri Gallager (2010 Champ) are tied on points at 1795, while Carl has five more Xs. This is a tight battle. There are three matches left to shoot: Crescent Cup (slow fire, standing, 200 yards); Cavalry Cup (rapid fire, prone, 300 yards); and Crowell Trophy (slow fire, prone, 600 yards).

This Championship should go down to the wire. Carl is one of the best standing shooters in history, so he should do well in the Crescent Cup, while Sherri is a long-range wizard so we can expect her to do well in the 600-yard Crowell Trophy match. What’s more, Sherri is shooting a .260 Remington which may offer better ballistics at 600 than Bernosky’s 6mm Hagar. FYI, on Thursday, Gallagher shot superbly in the 600-yard Air Force Cup match — her 200-17X score was just one X shy of the National Record (which was set by Sherri’s mother, Nancy Tompkins).

Gallagher’s showing in the Air Force Cup helped close the gap between her and leader Carl Bernosky. The two shooters are slowly pulling away from the rest of the pack, although there is the possibility of another winner if one of the leaders has a real disaster. SSG Brandon Green and Rodrigo Rosa are both just three points back from the leaders (Green has more Xs than Rosa though). The high Service Rifle shooter is still SSG Tyrel Cooper, who has a 1787-71X score. Ty’s score is remarkable considering his AR-platform rifle has relatively crude military sights and non-adjustable buttstock.

High Power Rifle Championship — Match 400
Scores As of Thursday 8/9/2012

1. Carl Bernosky, 1795-106X
2. SGT Sherri Gallagher, 1795-101X
3. SSG Brandon Green, 1792-104X
4. Rodrigo Rosa, 1792-101X
5. David Tubb, 1790-107X

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August 10th, 2012

Nosler 3-Rifle-Giveaway Sweepstakes for Facebook Fans

Nosler has announced that they will be giving away three Nosler rifles, starting with a Model 48 Trophy Grade™ Rifle chambered in .243 Winchester. This award-winning rifle will be topped with a Leupold VX-2, 4-12x40mm scope. Retail value of the Model 48 rifle, by itself, is $1995.00.

Nosler Rifle Sweepstakes

To enter the Nosler Sweepstakes go to the Nosler Facebook Page, and click the “LIKE” icon. Then complete the official entry form by clicking the bright orange “Sweepstakes” tab and providing the required information. Entrants are encouraged to enter daily and to “share” with friends to receive bonus entries. For more details and to sign up, visit Nosler’s Facebook Sweepstakes Page.

How to Avoid Being Spammed
If you enter the Sweepstakes, Nosler will capture your email address. But when entering the contest, you can “Opt Out”, declining to receive future promotional emails. Also be aware that, when you “Like” a company on Facebook you will, by default, start receiving Facebook updates from that company which may appear in your Facebook Feed. You can block those company updates manually within Facebook, or you could later “un-Like” the company to turn off the updates.
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August 10th, 2012

RVB Precision Cleaning Rod Bore Guide for 17 HMR Rifles

When Hornady (and CCI) developed the 17 HMR cartridge, they really hit a homerun. And the rifle manufacturers quickly marketed some nice rifles to chamber this 17-cal rimfire round. But unlike .22 LR rifles which, typically, require very little cleaning, 17 HMRs demand frequent bore cleaning to maintain good accuracy. That’s because 17 HMRs shoot copper-jacketed bullets at 2550 fps velocities.

17-Cal Bore Guides — The Challenge
The problem is, it’s hard to find a well-designed, quality bore guide for 17-caliber rimfire rifles. With many 17 HMR (and 17 Mach 2) rifles, you encounter mechanical interference when you try to use a standard bore guide to protect the delicate chamber edge and the bottle neck area of the chamber. A fixed ejector is in the way. On many 17 HMR rifles, this little “shark fin” ejector is right in line with the chamber and is fixed — it doesn’t retract. Therefore the kind of bore guide you might use for centerfire rifles won’t work in 17 HMRs — it will hang up on the ejector.

Polymer bore guides exist for this type of action, but they are typically open-bottom designs that do not enter and seal the chamber. These open-bottom designs don’t protect the delicate chamber edge or the bottleneck area of the chamber, and they also allow some seepage of solvents out of the chamber. That’s why Roy Bertalotto created his RVB Precision Bore Guide for 17 HMR rifles. The 7075 aluminum tube on his Bore Guide is thin enough to pass by the ejector, yet it is extremely rigid. (Photos below.)

Roy explains: “My bore guide is made of 7075 anodized aluminum tubing, which is totally unaffected by any type of cleaning solution. One end is swagged down to fit completely into the chamber of a 17 HMR rifle. This guides your cleaning rod perfectly to the bore without touching the chamber walls or front edge of the chamber. The tight fit of the bore guide in the chamber also stops cleaning solvents from getting into the action, magazine, and trigger housing.” (Editor: Solvent seepage can do damage. We had a 17 Mach 2 rifle that rusted internally because solvents leaked past an open-bottom bore guide.)

Using the RVB 17 HMR Guide – Once the bore guide is in place, slide the supplied aluminum bushing over the tube, and gently push the bushing into the rear of the action. This centers the guide rod in the action to keep the guide rod tube aligned. Once the guide rod and bushing are in place, you can use a 17-caliber cleaning rod* with patches and/or brushes to clean the barrel. Use the rod normally, but make sure your patches are quite small and don’t apply too much pressure as these small-diameter rods can kink if you try to force over-size patches down the bore.

The RVB Precision 17 HMR Bore Guide costs $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping. To order, email Roy Bertalotto via rvb100 [at] Roy will then send you shipping/payment details.

* NOTE: You really do need a dedicated .17-cal cleaning rod for this job. Most other rods are too fat to pass through the barrel. Dewey Mfg. makes a decent 17-caliber cleaning rod that is reasonably stiff and doesn’t kink too readily. It is available sizes from 7″ to 36″, either bare stainless or with a nylon coating. We prefer the nylon-coated version, in either 26″ or 36″ lengths, depending on barrel length.

Dewey 17 cal caliber bore guide

If you have a high comb on your rifle, you may need extra length to avoid interference with the rod handle. Use this formula to determine correct rod length: Length of barrel + action or breech rod guide length + 2-3″ clearance + high comb if applicable = total rod length needed.

There are other quality 17-cal cleaning rods, but we’ve used the Dewey and it functioned well. The nylon coating cleaned easily and was gentle on the throat and crown. You should clean the coating before and after each use to ensure it does not embed grit or other contaminants.

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