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August 5th, 2012

Two Pairs of Shooters Set Records at Camp Perry

Congratulations to the winning Rifle National Trophy Junior Team, Sagen Maddalena and Forrest Greenwood. Competing as Team California Grizzlies Berger, Sagen (left, below) and Forrest (right) set a new National Record of 968-21X in the two-person match held last week. Sagen also led all competitors, racking up the top individual score of 488-15X. The winning team receives the Freedom’s Fire Trophy. Team Coach was Robert Taylor II and Team Captain was Mike Barranco. Notably, two other California Grizzlies shooters, Lane Ichcord and Wayne Morgan, finished Third Overall with a 964-24X. This proves there are still some great young shooters coming from California, despite the many restrictive laws in the Golden State. CLICK HERE for complete Match results.

California Grizzlies Berger

USAMU Shooters Set New Doubles Team National Record
Not to be outdone by the young Californians, U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s SSG Tyrel Cooper and CPL Matthew Rawlings set a new National Match Record of 593-21X last Wednesday in the Hearst Doubles Team Match. Congratulations Ty and Matt!!

Tyrel Cooper Matthew Rawlings

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August 5th, 2012

Five Armed Robbers Flee from Pistol-Packing Granny

65 year old thwarts robberyHow brave are five young hoodlums, two armed with guns, who tried to rob a Glendale, California jewelry store? They are complete cowards it turns out. When the 65-year-old lady store owner confronted the punks (using her own handgun), all five thieves fell over themselves fleeing the store in a panic. And it was all captured on security camera video last week.

Despite their “gangsta” ambitions, all five hoodlums ran like scalded cats when faced with a courageous senior citizen. The get-away driver even started to pull his vehicle away before all five criminals could climb aboard. The speed with which the five young robbers fled from the scene is almost laughable, if this wasn’t a deadly serious situation. Lt. Jeff Nightengale of the Garden Grove police department stated: “She felt her life was in jeopardy. She felt it was appropriate action to protect those people in the store”.

Hats off to Top Shot Season 3 Champion Dustin Ellermann for finding this recent video story.
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August 5th, 2012

Billet Aluminum Loading Blocks from Tom Sziler

Billet Aluminum Loading Block

Review by German Salazar, Contributing Editor
Tom Sziler, a very talented machinist and shooter, is now offering handsome billet aluminum loading blocks through I recently bought a set and am very impressed with their quality. You can see I have the cartridge type engraved on my .30-06 block. Tom makes these in all case head sizes and will engrave just about anything you like on the side. Tom’s been a bit backlogged lately, but for a custom product, delivery was more than speedy. I received mine in about three weeks.

Billet Aluminum Loading Block

2011 Update (By Editor)
Tom has recently expanded his line of CNC-milled loading blocks, which are sold through his website, There are now four price levels for the 50-round blocks: $16.50 for .22LR blocks (Small); $28 for most centerfire cartridges (Standard); $31 for very large cartridges such as .338 Lapua, .45-70, etc. (Large); and $33 for BMG, CheyTac, etc. (Jumbo). Tom also offers an “economy” version of his 50-rd loading block for just $19.00. These are made to the same quality and precision as the original loading block; however, they are crafted from 3/4″ aluminum and have NO engraving.

New Products: 25-round Block and Range Tray
New this year from Tom is a smaller, 25-round loading block, priced at $17.50. This has the same basic design (with engraving) as the 50-rounder, but it is half the length (with half the capacity). This is perfect for low-quantity handloading. Some guys like to use the 25-round ammo block when shooting in competition. It makes for a quick, handy ammo caddy. But even better for competition is Tom’s new Range Tray shown below. It has a milled-out tray for empty brass or small parts. Price is $28.00 for most cartridges up to WSM head diameters.

If you order from Tom, add $5 for shipping up to 2 pieces, or $10 for 3-7 pieces. Loading blocks ship in USPS flat-rate boxes. Tom prefers to receive payment by way of U.S. Postal Money Order. Send money order, order specs and your shipping address to:

Tom Sziler
5521 W 110th Street, Ste 6
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

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