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August 27th, 2012

Gullo wins 2012 Creedmoor Championship and ‘Iron Man’ Title

Story based on report by Kyle Jillson in NRAblog.
In 1874, the first Creedmoor match was shot at the Creedmoor range on Long Island, New York. Competitors lined up at 800, 900 and 1,000 yards in a match between the United States’ best shooters and a team from Ireland. The NRA has preserved that match throughout the years and the exact course of fire is shot today in the Creedmoor Championship, held most recently at Raton, New Mexico.

Raton Creedmoor Championship

After a two days of tough shooting conditions at the NRA Whittington Center, Dave Gullo received his fifth Castle Trophy after winning the Creedmoor Championship (for black powder cartridge rifles) with a score of 533-10X out of a possible 600. Gullo finished the first day of the championship in second, trailing Rick Moritz by just one point. But Gullo passed Moritz at the 800-yard relay. From that point on, Gullo didn’t look back.

Gullo’s spotting partner John Venhous finished second overall a 519-4X. For his role in Gullo’s Creedmoor victory, Venhouse also was recognized with the High Spotter award. Last year’s Creedmoor champion, Keith “Doc” Lay, finished third after a hard-fought defense of his title, shooting a 510-5X.

Raton Creedmoor Championship

Gullo also took the Iron Man title this year. The Iron Man Medal is awarded to the competitor with the highest overall score in all the NRA Black Powder Target Rifle matches: Position, Prone, and Creedmoor. Gullo, posting a 526-3X in Positon, 574-17X in Prone and his 533-10X in Creedmoor became the 2012 Iron Man with a total of 1633-30X, which was 15 points ahead of runner-up Doc Lay. An Iron Woman award is also given to the highest female shooter across all matches and this year’s winner was Kelly McNitt, who shot a 1438-11x.

Creedmoor Championship

1. Dave Gullo: 533-10x
2. John Venhous: 519-4x
3. Keith Lay: 510-5x
4. Bryan Youngberg: 498-5x
5. Rick Moritz: 491-11x

Iron Man Competition

1. Dave Gullo: 1633-30x
2. Keith Lay : 1618-21x
3. Rick Moritz: 1609-35x
4. John Venhous: 1563-26x
5. Jack Odor: 1554-24x

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August 27th, 2012

Buy Minox Scope, Get Minox Binocular or Monocular for 1¢ More

Camera Land Minox SaleCamera Land has announced a remarkable Combo Optics Sale on Minox Optics products. If you purchase a qualifying Minox rifle scope from Camera Land, you can get a Minox Binocular or Minox Monocular for just one penny more. Yes, that’s correct, add your choice of four Minox BF Binocular models or the MD 8×42 CWP Monocular for just $.01. That’s an awesome deal — consider that the Minox BF 10×42 binocular (by itself) sells for $150.00-$199.00 elsewhere. Note: Purchasers are limited to a single $0.01 Binocular or Monocular per new riflescope ordered.

New ZA 3 and ZA 5 Minox Scopes Are Good Buys
These are current production, quality scopes. The new Minox line of riflescopes is impressive, with German Schott glass, strong monotube construction, and a no-fault, lifetime warranty. Just last week we reviewed the new Minox ZA 5 6-30x56mm scope and concluded it offers an impressive set of features for the price. Retailing for $799.00 to $829.99 (depending on reticle) the 6-30X ZA 5 is an outstanding value for a high-magnification, side-focus, 30mm-tube scope with premium glass. The 6-30X ZA 5 is more than two hundred bucks cheaper than a Leupold VXIII 8-25x50mm LRT, yet the Minox offers more magnification, plus a true diopter eyepiece not found on the Leupold. The Minox scopes from Camera Land even come with a Scopecoat cover at no extra cost.

Minox ZA5 ZA-5 riflescope

Camera Land reports very positive buyer feedback on the new Minox ZA-3 and ZA-5 riflescopes: “We’ve sold a ton of these. Buyers tell us they are impressed with the glass and the overall quality. These scopes hold zero, the controls are positive, the warranty is great. The Minox rifle scopes are an excellent value right now.”

Purchase Any of these Qualifying Scopes Get One of These for $0.01 More

ZA-3 3-9x40mm
ZA-3 3-9x50mm
ZA-5 1.5-8x32mm
ZA-5 2-10x40mm
ZA-5 2-10x50mm
ZA-5 3-15x42mm
ZA-5 3-15x50mm SF
ZA-5 4-20x50mm
ZA-5 6-30x56mm SF (30mm)

Minox BF 8×25 BR Binocular

Minox BF 10×25 BR Binocular

Minox BF 8×42 BR Binocular

Minox BF 10×42 BR Binocular

Minox MD 8×42 CWP Monocular

How to Purchase Minox Scope with Companion Optic
NOTE: Not all binocular/monocular options for this promo are displayed on the Camera Land web site. To secure the companion binocular/monocular you want with your Minox rifle scope: 1) Call 212-753-5128 and speak with Doug or Neil, or 2) Purchase the scope you want, select the one binocular shown to be offered, and in the note area of the order type in “Minox Promotion” and list the binocular/monocular you prefer. To keep it simple, we recommend you just call Doug at 212-753-5128 and ask about the Minox “Penny Promo”. Please mention Doug can take your order or he can send you a Paypal invoice listing the Minox rifle scope the Binocular/Minocular of your choice.

Open Box Bargains on Minox Rifle Scopes
In addition to the 1 cent combo sale, Camera Land has some great “open box” bargains on Minox rifle scopes. Open Box #66030 ZA-5 4-20×50 Plex (#66030) have been discounted from $699.00 to only $449.99. Likewise Open Box ZA-5 3-15×42 Plex (#66020) have been discounted from $499.00 to $319.99. NOTE: All open box items may not be listed on the Camera Land website. Call 212-753-5128 and speak with Doug or Neil about these special discounted items.

Promo Tip by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.
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