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August 1st, 2012

Two LG Benchrest World Records in One Day for Scott Weber

Long-range benchrest shooter Scott Weber had a pretty decent day at the range last Saturday — to put it mildly. Shooting his 6mm Dasher in a Williamport (PA) 1000-yard match, Scott recorded two new Light Gun world records, breaking a record set by Scott’s own father (Frank Weber) in the process.

Scott Weber Light Gun 10-shot record 1000 yards

Scott Weber Light Gun 10-shot record 1000 yards

Early in the day, Scott shot a 3.746″ (99-1X) 10-shot group which beat the existing group-size record, a 3.835″ group shot at the Montana Deep Creek Range in 2006. Then, in the shoot-off, Scott drilled a 100-6X score to top the existing score record held by his father Frank Weber. Interestingly, Frank’s 2012 record was also a 100-6X, but Scott has the smaller group — 4.007″ vs. Frank’s 4.237″ — so Scott will be credited with the record. Well at least he kept it in the family!

Scott Weber Light Gun 10-shot record 1000 yards

Scott reports: “It’s unbelievable to set one record but two in one day on different relays — it doesn’t seem real. All I wanted to do was win the shoot off since I never won one since I’ve been shooting. My dad is happy for me , but he told me ‘don’t look back’ because he is coming to get his record back!”

INSIDE STORY — Rifle Specs and Load Details
Scott Tells us: “Mark King built the rifle. It is similar to my dad’s Light Gun that Mark also built. It has a Sitman (Master Class) stock with 2-inch rail in the back, BAT 3-lug action, Broughton barrel with Mark King brake, and a Jewell trigger. My scope is a Leupold 8.5-25X, MK IV.” The Broughton barrel is chambered for the 6mm Dasher with a 0.266″ neck. Scott turns his necks to about 10.5 thousandths thickness and runs 0.261″ neck tension.

Two Loads for Two Records
Scott used two different loads during the match: “The load I used for the group record was 32.7 grains Varget with CCI primers, 107gr VLD custom bullet, seated +.010 into the lands. These 107gr VLDs were experimental bullets I just recently received. I used a different load in the shoot-off when I broke the score record. That load was 33.7 grains Varget, CCI primers, 105 Berger hunting VLD, seated +.010 into lands. The Bergers were trimmed and pointed hard with a Hoover pointing die.” [Editor’s Note: The 33.7 grain load is very stout and may be UNSAFE in some Rifles. Both listed loads should only be used with fully-formed Dasher cases.]

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August 1st, 2012

Read FREE August Issue of Target Shooter Magazine

Target Shooter Magazine AugustTarget Shooter Magazine has just released its August edition, which you can read for FREE online. The 110-page August 2012 issue includes target shooting news from around the world, along with articles of interest to all shooters. The online “eZine” version of Target Shooter Magazine offers a handy index, plus full two-page spreads, and flip-page viewing — just like a print magazine.

August issue highlights include: a report on GB F-Class competition at the Bisley Ranges, along with coverage of the 2012 CZ Extreme European Open Practical Pistol Competition. Chris Parkin reviews the Zeiss Victory Diavari FL 6-25 x 72mm scope, and our friend Vince Bottomley tests a UK-compliant Armscor 38 Special Revolver. Regular readers will appreciate the final installment of Laurie Holland’s series on building an affordable FT-R rifle. The latest issue of Target Shooter Magzine of course includes UKPSA News.

CLICK HERE to Read August Target Shooter eZine

Target Shooter Magazine August

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August 1st, 2012

Zeiss Announces 2012 FIELD DAYS Promotion

Zeiss Field Days RebateCarl Zeiss Sports Optics has just announced its latest FIELD DAYS promotion. From August 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012, Zeiss is offering consumers significant savings on many of its most popular optics. With FIELD DAYS mail-in rebates you can save money on rifle scopes, spotting scopes, laser rangefinders, and rangefinding binoculars.

Here are the FIELD DAYS Rebate offers:

  • $500 rebate on the 65mm and 85mm VICTORY DiaScope. Customers who
    purchase a DiaScope will also receive a free, portable tripod.
  • $300 rebate on the award-winning VICTORY RF rangefinding binoculars
  • $50 rebate on the award-winning VICTORY 8×26 PRF laser rangefinding monocular
  • $100 rebate on the NEW Conquest HD 42mm binoculars
  • $100 rebate on the NEW Conquest 30mm Duralyt Riflescopes
  • $100 rebate on all riflescopes that have any Rapid-Z reticle

Zeiss Field Days Rebate

How to Get Your Discounts
All purchases must be made from a Carl Zeiss Authorized Dealer in the United States and rebate request forms must be completed and postmarked within 30 days of purchase. Payment will be made by a ZEISS Prepaid Reward Card by American Express. For promotion details, visit and click the “Promotions” link on the left. Then click the Field Days Promotion Link. For more information, call 800-441-3005.

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