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August 6th, 2012

New Benchrest Rig and CG M1 Action from Argentina

Our friend Pascal Fischbach from France offered us a sneak peak at the final production version of a new benchrest rig from Argentina. Pascal reports: “I’ll be in Buenos Aires soon and will meet Carlito Gonzales, maker of the CG M1 Thunderbolt benchrest rifle that performed so well at 2010 Supershoot and WBC10 last August in the hands of Dr. Cris Rando.” Pascal has ordered one of these rifles for the 2013 benchrest season. If you want more information about the CG M1 action or complete rifle, contact Pascal through his Facebook Page.

Gonzales Benchrest Action Thunderbolt CG M1

Gonzales Benchrest Action Thunderbolt CG M1

Gonzales Benchrest Action Thunderbolt CG M1

Pascal tell us: “The CG M1 action is a short, tight but smooth 3-Lug, Right Bolt, Left Port, Right Eject model. The receiver features a special 66mm-long tenon with threads in the center area and two bearing-centering areas on each side of the threads. Any gunsmith will be able to chamber additional barrels with the data and tools provided. This action offers strength and rigidity to enhance both accuracy and longevity. Carlito’s trigger is excellent — I recommend keeping it. The complete rifle will feature special quality rings that mate to the top of the receiver. Barrels can be chambered with your custom reamer or with CG’s conventional 6PPC reamer or even a PPC-AI chamber design (PT&G) that Carlitos realy likes. Price for the complete rifle will be very competitive.”

Gonzales Benchrest Action Thunderbolt CG M1

One reason this rifle performs so well is the innovative stock design. The fore-arm is very low profile in the front. At the back of the stock, an exaggerated Vee profile aids tracking and reduces vibration. Pascal says the stock tracks very straight for the first couple of inches during recoil, and the marked Vee in the rear makes it ride on the sides of the bag ears, not the bottom stitching. This helps quell vibration and improve damping. The carbon construction makes the stock “stout and stiff”.

Gonzales Benchrest Action Long-Range CG Gonzales Benchrest Action Long-Range CG
The fluted 3-Lug Bolt is extremely well-machined. The tang on the 2012 version has been shortened for weight reasons. There’s still plenty of bedding area on the main body.

Super-Sized Action Offered for Long-Range Rifles
For long-range shooters, Carlito Gonzales has also crafted a larger 600/1000m version of the CG M1 designed for bigger cartridges used in long-range competition. We don’t have any specifics on price or delivery date, but the action looks nice. The extended front section should provide excellent support for long, heavy barrels.

Gonzales Benchrest Action Long-Range CG

Gonzales Benchrest Action Long-Range CG

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August 6th, 2012

CCI Launches YouTube Channel and Facebook Page

CCI® recently launched its own Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. These “social media” sites let CCI product users interact with CCI tech experts and each other. Users can ask questions, learn about new product introductions, stay up-to-date on special events, and watch videos showing CCI products. The CCI YouTube Channel is “live” now, and new videos will be uploaded regularly.

Interactive Facebook Features
Facebook users are encouraged to ask questions, post helpful tips, and share pictures from their last hunt or shooting match. The CCI Facebook page also features the “Shut Up and Dance” interactive varmint game. To visit the new CCI Facebook page, log on to

CCI Facebook

CCI Ammunition Brand Director Rick Stoeckel declared: “Social media have changed the way we connect. Launching these sites allows us to engage directly with our customers and shooting sports enthusiasts.” For more information, visit

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