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December 4th, 2009

FREE Shot Timer Apps for IPhones and IPods

Here’s good news for iPhone and iPod owners. There are two new FREE applications (Apps) that let you use your device as a firearms shot timer. It may be a while before we see iPhones used at 3-gun matches, but it’s nice to know that Apple’s smartphones can do double duty as timers. Both Surefire, maker of tactical flashlights, as well as Taurus, firearms manufacturer, offer Shot Timer Apps that can be downloaded, for FREE, from the iTunes store. (Note: you must have iTunes software installed on your computer to download the Shot Timer programs. iTunes software is free, but it is a hefty 90-meg install.)

CLICK HERE for Taurus Shot Timer App Download | CLICK HERE for SureFire Shot Timer FAQ

Iphone shot timer app SureFire Shot timer App

With either the SureFire ShotTimer or Taurus Timer apps installed, your iPhone/iPod can function just like a dedicated shot timer (such as the PACT Club Timer III), but you no longer need a dedicated unit. All the key functions can be performed with your iPhone or iPod. The screen displays the elapsed time and the split time for every shot fired. You can review time between consecutive shots, shot count, and total firing time. A “start delay” option let you train alone, and you can use the Par Time mode to train “against the clock”.

Once the unit is adjusted, the built-in microphone on an iPhone or iPod should be able to track every shot without fail. Even indoors, anti-echo technology provides reliable shot detection. The software allows you to adjust microphone sensitivity to the unique sound “profile” of the shots. Just tap ‘Adjust Sensitivity’ on the display to raise the sensitivity in 10% increments until the Shot Timer consistently detects all your shots.

Iphone shot timer appWith either the SureFire or Taurus Timer Apps, you can hold your iPhone like a traditional shot timer or use the start delay mode with the iPhone placed on a shooting bench, or held in your shirt pocket. The Shot Timer will display both elapsed time and split time for every shot. You can store practice session results in your iPhone’s internal memory.

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December 4th, 2009

Find Bargains and Sell Gear in our Forum Classifieds

Looking for a great deal on a “previously-owned” precision rifle? Maybe you’re shopping for a stock for your next tactical or varmint rifle project? Or perhaps you have some reloading components to sell, or tools and dies that you don’t need anymore. Then check out the Classified Ads section in our AccurateShooter Forum. Buyers will find many great deals, and sellers can often sell their item(s) the first day (if the price is right and the photos are good). What’s the best thing about our Classifieds? Basic forum ads are 100% free to both buyers and sellers. And we’ll even host your photos for free — just attach images (150kb or smaller) to your Forum advert.

6-6.5x47 rifle

Feedback System Implemented in Forum
New to the Forum is our Buyer/Seller Feedback System. Both buyers and sellers can provide feedback on completed transactions. When you’re shopping look for a “Trade Count” number below the seller’s Forum user name. Click on that number to see the feedback that person has received. Feedback can also be left for buyers, and we do recommend that sellers “put in a good word” for buyers who pay promptly and provide good communication.

6-6.5x47 rifle

High Quality Guns and Gear
There have been some VERY nice rifles sold through our classifieds. It’s not unusual to find a full custom with less than 500 rounds selling for hundreds less than the build cost. If you’re on a tight budget, watch the Classifieds regularly — you can often save big bucks on really nice rigs. Shown below is a nice 6-6.5×47 long-range rifle currently for sale on the Forum. The gun features a Stolle Panda F-Class RB/RP Stainless action with 20 MOA built-in elevation. The stock is a nicely bedded fiberglass McMillan MBR. The 8-twist barrel is a 30″ Shilen SS Select Match barrel with just under 600 rounds. The gun’s a shooter, and a set of Hornady custom dies plus some brass will be included….

6-6.5x47 rifle

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December 4th, 2009

AirGlides Still Available with FREE Shipping

Update 12/6/2009: The price has gone up to $39.99, but shipping is still free. When we released this story the price was $34.00.

The Plano Airglide vertical-style gun case is on sale at for $39.99 with FREE shipping. This has been one of the most popular sale items we’ve featured in the Bulletin. It’s a real good price because of the FREE shipping. Most other vendors charge $36.00 or more, plus up to $18.00 shipping per case. NOTE: The case is pretty roomy, but if your barrel exceeds 28″, the gun may not fit. Maximum internal length is 50″. Measure your rifle before you order.

Amazon Sale Link: Plano AirGlide Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case (up to 50″)

Plano Airglide gun case

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