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December 1st, 2009

December Issue of Target Shooter UK Now Online

The latest issue of Target Shooter online magazine has been released and you should definitely check it out. The December issue of Target Shooter is really good — maybe the best yet. READ it here:

This month you’ll find an outstanding article by Vince Bottomley, “Building a Rifle for F/TR Class”. Whether you’re shooting F-TR now, or have an F-TR rifle in the works, this story is a “must-read” that will help you choose the right equipment and wring the best performance from it.

The six-page “Hand-loading for the .308 Winchester (Part 2)”, by Laurie Holland, is a fact-filled article that all .308 shooters shoot read and archive. Holland carefully measured various brands of .308 brass, recording weights and neck thickness (see chart below). Even if you are an experienced .308 reloader we guarantee you’ll learn something new from this article.

The December Target Shooter is chock full of other content covering a wide array of shooting disciplines — from Air Pistols to Black Powder Cartridge Rifles. There’s even something for collectors of historic military arms — Nigel Greenaway’s guide to the Enfield No.4 (T) sniper rifle. This issue also includes a 6-page holiday shopping guide featuring interesting new products as well as low-cost “stocking stuffers”. You can read Target Shooter online via a browser plug-in, and print pages you want to save. In addition, you can now downline the entire month’s content as a handy .pdf file for off-line reading.

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December 1st, 2009

SHOT Show Hotel Discount Deadline is Today, December 1st


SHOT Show will be held from January 19-22, 2010 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas. If you plan to attend, and haven’t booked your hotel yet, then DROP everything and contact the SHOT Show Travel Desk. Today, December 1st, is the last day to make reservations at super-low official rates. The official SHOT Show travel agency has exclusive rate agreements with Vegas hotels — so you can get the BEST room deals — better than Expedia, better than, and better than The “official” room rates are as low as $40.00, and there aren’t many low-price vacancies left. If you miss out on the official travel desk deals, expect to pay $30-$70.00 more for the same room in the same hotel, even when booked with online “bargain” sites such as or

After December 1st, you can still book rooms through the SHOT Show Travel Desk, but the price caps for officially-booked rooms are lifted, so you could end up paying a LOT more.

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SHOT Show VegasFinalize Your Travel Plans
Since SHOT Show is just eight weeks away, in addition to reserving rooms, you should finalize other travel details. Get your airline tickets and reserve a car if you need one. You’ll find some very good deals right now on — look for the “Web Only!” specials. In addition, it’s time to register for SHOT Show functions you may want to attend. Log on to to register for SHOT Show University and order tickets for the State of the Industry Dinner. SHOT Show also has a free concierge service, Destinations Direct, that can help plan activities outside show hours. Assistance with restaurant reservations, meeting space, show tickets, and more is available via the website, or call Destinations Direct at (702) 635-3000.

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December 1st, 2009

Leupold & Stevens Re-Launches Redfield as Bargain Brand

Redfield opticsThe Redfield Gun Sight Company was founded in 1909 by John Hill Redfield. The company’s product line expanded from open sights to include riflescopes, mounts, binoculars, and spotting scopes. In 1998 Redfield closed its doors in Denver, Colorado, marking the end of an era. Redfield changed hands several times until April 2008 when Leupold & Stevens, Inc. purchased the Redfield brand name and associated intellectual property.

Leupold has revived Redfield, positioning the new Redfield scope line at the low end of the market. The latest generation of Redfield scopes are priced from $130.00 – $150.00 retail. Revolution™ riflescopes, the first products in the new Redfield line, are American-made at Leupold’s plant near Beaverton, Oregon. Revolution models include 2-7x33mm, 3-9x40mm, 4-12x40mm, and 3-9x50mm models, all with either 4-plex or Accu-Range reticles. The Accu-Range reticle provides hold-over points from 200-600 yards. Other product offerings will include imported Rebel™ and Renegade™ binoculars, Rampage™ spotting scopes and Raider™ rangefinders.

Redfield opticsEditor’s Comment: We’re pleased to see the revival of a storied American optics brand. However, we wonder how much quality and long-term durability Leupold can deliver for $130.00, when Leupold is having trouble with quality control on its high-end scopes which sell for $800 or more. But Leupold & Stevens is a business first and foremost and its bean counters obviously feel there is money to be made in the low end of the market. This is like General Motors saying: “Well, since Cadillac can’t compete with Lexus and Mercedes, let’s sell more Geo Prisms”. We all know how well that strategy worked.

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