May 26th, 2010

Price Watch: Natchez Offers RCBS ChargeMaster for $279.95

RCBS Chargemaster saleElectronic powder dispensers are more popular than ever, and the RCBS ChargeMaster is still the top seller (though the new Hornady dispenser is worth checking out). We know you guys are always looking for the best deal on your reloading equipment. Well, right now, Natchez Shooters Supply has the RCBS Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser on sale for just $279.95 (Natchez item #RC98923). That’s $40-$50 bucks lower than the price at most other vendors.

CCI Small Rifle Primers Available at Natchez
Some folks are still looking for CCI primers. Well Natchez has plenty of CCI small rifle primers in stock. Here’s what’s currently available, with prices. NOTE: If you need the BR4s, Powder Valley has them at $37.00/1000, which beats Natchez’s price by a wide margin. Federal Primers are still very hard to find. Powder Valley and Natchez are both out of stock.

  • CCI 400, Small Rifle Primers, 1000 primers, $32.50
  • CCI 450, Small Rifle Magnum Primers, 1000 primers, $36.16
  • CCI BR4, Small Rifle BR Primers, 1000 primers, $50.43

CLICK HERE for Natchez May/June 2010 Product Flyer.