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May 5th, 2010

49 Nations to Compete at 2010 ISSF World Cup at Fort Benning

Fort Benning ISSF World CupIf you want to see some of the very best smallbore and air gun shooters in the world, including many multi-time Olympians, head down to Fort Benning, GA later this month. The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, in conjunction with USA Shooting, will host the ISSF 2010 World Cup USA May 22-31.

This major event is the third of four World Cups being held this year by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). So far, more than 400 of the world’s top-level shooters from 49 countries have committed to the event. There will be many Olympians (including medal winners) in the competition. CLICK HERE for Entry List by Nation.

Shooters will compete for medals and world records in the Olympic disciplines of Air Pistol, Air Rifle, Smallbore Pistol, and Smallbore Rifle. The ranges are located on the military installation at Fort Benning, Georgia, approximately 150 km (90) miles south of the Atlanta Int’l Airport. Fort Benning has some of the most advanced target systems in the United States. Sius Ascor electronic targets will be used for all elimination, qualification, and finals competitions. Seventy-two (72) targets are available for both 50 meters and 10 meters, while there are 40 targets for 25-meter events.

CLICK HERE for complete Event Schedule | Download Match Info Form (PDF)

Fort Benning Pool Air Rifle Range

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USAShooting has created a full-featured website dedicated to the 2010 World Cup. There you can find travel and lodging info, match schedules, registration info, and much more. Once the competition starts, the USAShooting World Cup website will provide photos and videos, and updated match results. Visit the official match website at

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May 5th, 2010

Paco Kelly’s Acu’Rzr Tool Reshapes Lead Rimfire Bullets

Here is an interesting tool that lets shooters re-shape and uniform the tips of their .22 rimfire lead bullets. Paco Kelly’s Acu’Rzr comes in two basic versions, the “Phase III Nasti-Nose” and the “Phase IV Baby Scorp’n”. The Phase III tool produces a deep-dished hollowpoint (like an ash-tray) that opens quickly and efficiently. There is also a Phase III insert that creates a flatter, open dish HP for target shooting. The Phase IV Scorpion tool creates a deep hollow point with a central post. The internal post in the middle helps achieve deeper penetration in game. The designer claims that ammo modified with either tool is more accurate because the bullet diameter “comes out the same every time”. In addition to the Phase III & IV tools, which reform one round at a time, Paco offers a Maxi series for bulk production. These let you process either three rounds at once (Maxi 3) or four rounds at once (Maxi 4).

Lead Bullet Accurizer

Why re-shape lead rimfire bullets? The first reason is accuracy. The tool’s designer, Paco Kelly, claims you can improve the accuracy of budget-priced ammo by using the dish nose rod with the Phase III tool: “The dish nose forming rod is for accuracy and paper targets. It makes very sharp and clean cut holes in paper. And the consistency of the [re-shaped] bullet diameter pulls the group together.”

Lead Bullet Accurizer

The main reason to use Paco Acu’Rzr tools is to improve perfomance on small game such as squirrels, prairie dogs, and jack-rabbits. Kelly says: “Unlike most commercial 22 rimfire ammo with small holes and negligible HP expansion, the Nasti-Nose will open even with standard velocity ammo. Yet it will NOT explode on contact like the hyper-velocity ammo. For small eating game, such as squirrels, the Hyper ammo is too much and the medium-velocity, hollow-pointed commercial ammo often fails to open. But not so with the Nasti-Nose.” The idea, Kelly suggests, is that you get reliable expansion with medium-velocity ammo, without destroying the game the way hyper-velocity ammo does.

The Phase III tool costs $65.00, while the Phase IV tool costs $75.00. The Maxi 3 which does three (3) rounds at once, costs $100.00, and the four-round Maxi 4 is $128.00. All tools can be customized for target rifles or European chambers. To order, contact Paco Kelly, P.O. Box 1170, Cortaro, AZ 85652 or use this ORDER FORM.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Do NOT use this tool with premium-grade rimfire target ammo. It won’t help. Use it with the cheaper bulk-pack ammo. Also, we have not tested the reformed ammo on live targets, so you have to draw your own conclusions as to its benefits on small critters.

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