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June 1st, 2010

Koening Shoots “Perfect” 1920 to Win Bianchi Cup (Open Class)

Bianchi CupThe Bianchi Cup, first held in 1979, is one of the most lucrative (and prestigious) of all the shooting sports tournaments. This event draws shooters from all over the world including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Since its inception more than three decades ago, the NRA Bianchi Cup has retained its original course of fire, consisting of four matches: Practical, Barricade, Moving Target, and Falling Plates. Speed and accuracy is the key to winning the Championship. Each event is timed and is worth 480 points, equaling a total of 1920 possible points. Each of the the four primary stages consists of 48 rounds for a total possible score of 480 for each stage and 1920 for a perfect overall score.

The 2010 Event has concluded and we list the top performers below. Doug Koenig won the Open Class without dropping a point, finishing with 1920-179X. Jessie Abbate, new Team Smith & Wesson member, dominated the women’s division with a 1906-163X, edging her team-mate Julie Golob by 12 points. Robert Vadasz won the production division with a 1904-146X.

2010 Bianchi Cup Results by Category
Open Class:
1. Doug Koenig, 1920-179x
2. Bruce Piatt, 1918-183x
3. Kevin Angstadt, 1918-169x
4. George Mowbray, 1918-151x
5. Tony Holmes, 1916-159x
Metallic Sights:
1. Robert Vadasz, 1904-146x
2. Rob Leatham, 1894-153x
3. Troy Mattheyer, 1892-127x
4. Jason Koon, 1866-114x
5. Greg Davis, 1861-105x
Production Class:
1. Kyle Schmidt, 1856-121x
2. Enoch Smith, 1835-123x
3. Dave Sevigny, 1833-119x
4. Phil Strader, 1819-102x
5. Vance Schmid, 1812-100x
Women’s Overall:
1. Jessie Abbate, 1906-163x
2. Julie Golob, 1894-131x
3. Vera Koo, 1891-141x
4. Jodi Lyall, 1878-137x
5. Margaret Reese, 1857-124x
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June 1st, 2010 Unveils New Searchable, Printable Digital Catalog

Graf & Sons CatalogThe new digital version of Graf & Sons 2010 Master Catalog is now available online. You can browse the entire catalog, page by page, and switch between single-page (presentation) and double-page (magazine) layouts. Keyword search is offered, and you can conveniently print any page for future reference. Shown below is the digital catalog viewer showing single-page layout with a search for “Zeiss”. By using the “print” command, one can print this page to save the reticle options for future reference. Search functionality, combined with the ability to print pages, makes the online catalog viewer very powerful. A hard-copy, print version of the catalog is also available on request. CLICK HERE to Request 2010 Printed Catalog. 2010 catalog

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