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June 8th, 2010

California Assembly Approves Total Gun Registration

gun registration CaliforniaOn a 43-10 vote, the California Assembly approved AB 1810, a bill by Democratic Assemblyman Mike Feuer (Los Angeles) that would require registration of all rifles and shotguns. Information on long gun sales would be permanently archived in a database that could be accessed by the Dept. of Justice (DOJ), law enforcement agencies, and, presumably, by other government officials. The database would include the buyer’s name, address, place of birth, phone number, gender, occupation, and other information. AB 1810 repeals existing law which expressly prohibits compiling a long gun database. AB 1810 requires the DOJ to create and maintain a Registration Database of ALL new long-gun purchases or private party transfers.

Under current California law, only handguns are included in a statewide database. AB 1810 would require that all transfers (new or used) of rifles and shotguns are recorded in the same way. This bill passed the California Assembly on Thursday and now moves to the State Senate. Because the Senate is dominated by Democrats, AB 1810 will probably be approved on a party-line vote and then sent to Gov. Schwarzenegger’s desk, perhaps as early as this summer. So take note — AB 1810 is not the law YET. But the bill is likely to get to the Governor barring something unexpected in the State Senate.

CLICK HERE for text of California AB 1810.

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June 8th, 2010

Miculek and Golob Win International Revolver Championship

Jerry Miculek IRC ICORE Open DivisionFor the 18th time, Jerry Miculek won the ICORE Open division at the Int’l Revolver Championship (IRC) held this past weekend at the Hogue Range in San Luis Obispo, CA. Some 220 wheelgunners from around the world participated in the match, but none shot better than Miculek, a living legend.

“There are hardly enough accolades to accurately depict how good Jerry is with a revolver. Year after year, without fail, he demonstrates what it means to be the best in the world and ICORE is honored to once again, and for the 18th time, name him our IRC champion,” said Art Leach of ICORE.

Miculek’s total 2010 winning time of 225.56 was over 35 seconds faster than his nearest competitor, Neil Hogue, who finished with a final time of 260.59. John Bagakis shot a great match to win the Limited division with a 267.75, the seventh best time among ALL competitors. Craig Buckland took the newly-created “Retro Revolver” division with a 349.00 time. The “Retro” division — new for the 2010 IRC — is limited to six-shot revolvers reloaded with speed-loaders. In Open and Limited divisions, shooters can use 8-round revolvers with moon clips.

Down to the Wire in Women’s Open Division
In an exciting finish to the women’s Open division match, Team Smith & Wesson Captain Julie Golob came from behind on the final stage, to win her second straight Open title with a 404.59 total time. The final “Standards” stage consists of targets as far out as 50 yards. Shooters must put six rounds into a four inch X-Ring to avoid time penalties, making the stage the “make or break” point in the match.

Jane Sarabia IRC ICORE Open DivisionGolob trailed 13-year-old revolver prodigy Janae Sarabia throughout the match but Golob took the lead on the final stage where accuracy is paramount. Claiming second was Flora Yang who won the all-important final stage and posted a final time of 413.87. After losing the lead on the last stage, Sarabia finished third in women’s Open, still a remarkable feat for a 13-year-old! Janae’s final time of 417.83 secured the Junior Open title, giving Team S&W its third title in the division.

We congratulate all the ICORE winners, but want to give special praise to up-and-comer Janae Sarabia of Lompoc, California. She showed remarkable skill and poise shooting against seasoned pros twice her age. Janae said: “I was pretty happy with how I shot the match. I’ve been improving all year long and and feel a big sense of accomplishment taking third and ecstatic that I finished as the top junior.” It’s great to see juniors experience this kind of success. Jenae’s performance is an inspiration for other young girls getting involved in the shooting sports. Young Miss Sarabia is a rising star.

CLICK HERE for complete 2010 ICORE International Revolver Championship Results.

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June 8th, 2010

Kagan Involved in Anti-Gun Policy-Making as Clinton Advisor

Elena KaganThe NSSF reports that newly released documents show Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was involved in forming Clinton Administration policy on gun control, including, apparently, proposing that President Clinton issue an Executive Order to prohibit firearm sales without prior police certification/approval. The Washington Post reports that Kagan helped formulate gun control measures during the three years she served as a domestic policy advisor for Clinton.

After analyzing documents turned over by the Clinton Library, the Washington Post revealed: “Kagan was immersed in initiatives on gun control. In deliberations about how the Clinton administration should respond to a Supreme Court ruling that the federal government could not force local or state police to conduct background checks on gun purchasers, she appears to support such checks.” One document revealed that Elena had suggested that Clinton might issue an Executive Order banning gun sales without prior police approval. Based on these documents, it appears Kagan showed a strong anti-Second-Amendment bias when she worked in the White House, advising President Clinton.

During the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings this summer, NSSF looks forward to a full exploration of Kagan’s involvement in gun-control issues during the Clinton administration, the most anti-gun administration in history.

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