June 8th, 2010

California Assembly Approves Total Gun Registration

gun registration CaliforniaOn a 43-10 vote, the California Assembly approved AB 1810, a bill by Democratic Assemblyman Mike Feuer (Los Angeles) that would require registration of all rifles and shotguns. Information on long gun sales would be permanently archived in a database that could be accessed by the Dept. of Justice (DOJ), law enforcement agencies, and, presumably, by other government officials. The database would include the buyer’s name, address, place of birth, phone number, gender, occupation, and other information. AB 1810 repeals existing law which expressly prohibits compiling a long gun database. AB 1810 requires the DOJ to create and maintain a Registration Database of ALL new long-gun purchases or private party transfers.

Under current California law, only handguns are included in a statewide database. AB 1810 would require that all transfers (new or used) of rifles and shotguns are recorded in the same way. This bill passed the California Assembly on Thursday and now moves to the State Senate. Because the Senate is dominated by Democrats, AB 1810 will probably be approved on a party-line vote and then sent to Gov. Schwarzenegger’s desk, perhaps as early as this summer. So take note — AB 1810 is not the law YET. But the bill is likely to get to the Governor barring something unexpected in the State Senate.

CLICK HERE for text of California AB 1810.

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