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June 30th, 2010

New Mil-Dot Rangefinder App for Apple iPhone and iPod

Mil-dot Ranging AppMany of our readers are now using smart-phones for ballistic calculations. Now there is a new App for the iPhone which makes mildot target ranging simple and easy. Mil-Dot Rangefinder 2.0 does all the math for you. Just input the size of the target, and the program calculates range instantly, in yards and meters. The standard edition costs just $1.99 while the “Pro” version is $9.99. We think that, if you’re going to really use this program in the field, it’s well worth paying ten bucks for the Pro version. The Pro edition gives you a full-featured ballistics calculator with windage/elevation corrections. That calculator alone is worth the extra money, and the Pro version offers many other features, which are listed below:

  • Target ranging (yards and meters)
  • US Army and USMC mil-dot reticles
  • Target Info display
  • Advanced ballistics calculator
  • Fast windspeed/direction adjustment
  • Range card (ballistics chart)
  • Point of impact indicator
  • Bullet drop compensator
  • Windage/elevation corrections
  • Time to target
  • Shot energy/velocity at target
  • Multiple Ballistic Profiles

This is a very powerful program. We suspect it will take most users a few days before they really understand all its functions and options. To see a more detailed demonstration of the Mil-Dot Rangefinder App, click on the YouTube video below. There’s no voice-over, so the video can be hard to follow. But at least the video showcases the flexibility of the program and the wide variety of functions it offers. Credit The Firearm Blog for spotlighting this useful App.

YouTube Preview Image
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June 30th, 2010

Free July Digital Edition of Shooting Sports USA

The July digital edition of Shooting Sports USA is now available for free online. In this latest edition of the popular “e-zine”, Managing Editor Chip Lohman reports on recent major collegiate matches, including the first ever Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championship.

This July issue also features an excellent article by Scott Pilkington on Airgun Maintenance. This is an important topic which needs more coverage. Pilkington is a respected air rifle expert who served as the official gunsmith for the U.S. Olympic air gun squad at the Sydney Olympic games. He also runs his own Tennessee-based business, Pilkington Competition Equipment,

Air Rifle Maintenance Pilkington

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